Grand Theft Auto V Radio update - List of the +150 new songs.

Grand Theft Auto V Radio update - List of the +150 new songs.

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Mega243044d ago

That's a lot of new songs!

RosweeSon3044d ago

Sure is most games dont even have that amount in the first place ;)

Muzikguy3044d ago

Yes that's a HUGE list! Besides the backstreet boys I like hose additions to the pop station. The Rock station is sweet too, already was my favorite. There's so much they could put on that one. Is it bad I don't know any of those "Radio Los Santos" tracks? The rap/hip hop scene has been terrible IMO. Good west coast classics though. I've been thinking for weeks about getting this. I think I'm going to take my PS3 copy of TLoU and GTAV and trade towards the PS4 version

KwietStorm_BLM3044d ago

Makes Watch Dogs' list that much weaker.

Dee_913044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

lots of good songs. Little dragon was a good surpirse! I kinda knew they would add some schoolboy q

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Starbucks_Fan3044d ago

""I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys"

lol wut

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Omegabalmung3044d ago

Los Santos Rock Radio is gonna be my go to radio station now :)

ainTgoTTime2bleed3044d ago

Plus Mirror Park and Pop FM, Only 3 I care;)

davekaos3044d ago

Luniz is what im talking about!!!

loving these new additions

Baka-akaB3044d ago

Oh god ! I'm not planning on getting the remake till summer 2015 ... but "Carry On, Wayward Son" by Kansas alone , is going to make me purchase it early 2015 .

LOL_WUT3044d ago

Boston, YES and Creedence made it on the list too! Wish it had some good old Lynyrd Skynyrd ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.