New Playstation Home footage

See people talking to each other, PSP interaction and everything looking rather bright and colourful.

Check it out.

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hack64643767d ago

I have faith in this app. I think it will be received alright when it comes out.

shine13963767d ago

I reckon if you've got it you'll use it of course...and also it'll have that wii effect where #some# will want to know what the big deal is...personally can't see what it'll hold onto by the end of next will they keep on improving it in the ten year plan...? I mean what more could they add. i guess they could host real MMRPg games or something...

Tomdc3767d ago

yay! loved the song =P did he get the golf bag in his home space cos he hit a nice shot?

jtucker783767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Forget games ... I think Home will be the biggest thing coming to Playstation 3.

Personally, I'm not bothered. I'm all about games and don't give a crap about social networking, unless it's me and a bunch of mates shooting the hell out of some dudes on Modern Warfare (although it's usually me getting my a$$ handed to me), but Home is going to be the new facebook / myspace.
(I realise this isn't the only aspect of Home...)

This will attract the public and all the casuals, you wait and see.
And sony will make a bucket from virtual advertising space.

On the positive side, with the increased popularity of Playstation will come increased Developer support. Let's just hope we get more experiences like MGS4 and less shovelware.

rickjames3767d ago

i was excited for home... now it kinda wore off

NO_PUDding3767d ago

Always too much like second life for my liking until I heard:

Earning 3D trophies and going to virtual game expositions = Win.

It's also a more natural way of going throguh a menu if you ask me. I wish the avatars were not humanoids though, I wish everyone was bouncing balls. It would seem less gimmicky then, and cut down on the polys.

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Mikelarry3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

the end of the video its says we hope to see you here. yes we would be there if we got INVITED. hmmm i wonder when sony will announce info about the extended beta

mattkelly19913767d ago

I wouldn't trust the executive... Not only is his anus bleeding, but his spoon is to big. Those crazy Bananas and their problems.

Booourns3767d ago

Hopefully they can get the G-mail-esque Beta out to the masses this Fall, can't wait to have this service

King20083767d ago

from home to the game...I hope its that easy. I'm really looking forward to this.

MikeGdaGod3767d ago

i'm in the beta and i can tell you that the game launching feature is very smooth and simple to use.

you just select game launching from the psp menu, select what game you want to launch, how many players you want in the game, and how soon you want it to start. that's it

lodossrage3767d ago

How about you be a pal and swap lives with me for a bit (yes I want to try the beta THAT much) lol

MikeGdaGod3767d ago

sorry i can't help you with that. but hey, here's a bubble instead.

lodossrage3767d ago

Ah well, you can't blame me for trying. Thanks for the bubble though. Allow me to return said bubble :)_

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TrevorPhillips3767d ago

i cant wait for this its gonna own 2nd life big time :)

alle283767d ago

No it wont! In second life you can create your own stuff from skratch. You can't do that in home

mattkelly19913767d ago

you also cant dress up like a gaint penis and run around terrorizing people. THESE THINGS ARENT THE SAME. Stope comparing them for the love of god.

"Those are some nice apples you got there, but ima buy a car instead."

0.0 should be your face after reading that sentence. Please guys compare the right things.

The more you know.

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