First Timesplitters 4 scans shown

The first Timesplitters 4 screens have been shown in the latest issue of Uk based magazine PSW. This also confirms that the game will be coming to PlayStation 3 considering a PlayStation magazine has been given the exclusive shots.

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NO_PUDding3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


Free Radical don't suck at comedy. And this will be awesome. And Simon Pegg? Well I can't wait to see how it turns out.

hack64643790d ago

Free Radical will definitely make a comeback with this game.

Cynical-Gamerzus3790d ago

Free Radical is stuck in limbo!!
If this game is to succeed (and trust me Timesplitters was amazing but hard as hell)game,
They better have the money and resources and time to leverage the power of the Celll/RSX.
They will have to drop the whole BS cross platform strategy and dedicate resources to developing an engine that is exclusive and native to CEll/RSX.

It will cost alot of money and time.but it will be worth it!!!!and a compliment to the Time SPlitter franchise..
HAZE was a PC FPS shooter based on Cross platform technology that was changed to PS3 exclusitivity at last moment and it suffered from being not optimized for Cell! and so they need to learn from SONY and ask for all the help they can get from cell dev community....I hear the Heavenly Sword team is out of work?
GOOD luck!!!!!!!!

NO_PUDding3790d ago

Meant to post here. Free Radical are awesome at comedy, so this won't be such a failure as Haze.

Anyway, Simon Pegg? As in Shawn of the Dead? Wow, high brow comedy too, can't wait.

resistance1003790d ago

Simon Pegg is a legend, i met the man a couple of year back.

LaChance3790d ago

was pretty average.Nowhere near as good as TS 2
Looks like Free radical are on a downwards spiral.
They better bounce back with this one.

resistance1003790d ago


Lets hope so, still im just glad that this confirms that its coming to playstation 3 at least

NO_PUDding3790d ago

Exclusive would be excellent. I hope they aren't too burned by the PS3, I think Haze still sold pretty well.

It was their own fault, it's not liek the actual shooting was ever their forte, it's their ability to design unique games that are funny. That means the liberty to create strange weapons, and travel different time periods.

resistance1003790d ago


it will depend on the publisher. Who knows Sony may have nabbed exclusive publishing rights for the game.

NO_PUDding3790d ago

Wow, I thoguht Ubisoft owned Free Radical, they are indie?

Thanks for the info by the way, +bubbles.

resistance1003790d ago


Yep they are indie (sort of), if you remember TS2 was published by Edios and Future Perfect was published by EA

NO_PUDding3790d ago

Back when I played them I was never really that into knowing it.

Well TS2 anyway, I remember the demo for that, in that icey base, it was awesome. And the demo for future perfect was in a place simialr to the nevada desert.

Awesome games.

But thanks again for the info.

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Domenikos3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Please FreeRad dont mess Timespliters. Pleaseee

resistance1003790d ago

Lol at your avaitar, have a bubble

Kami3790d ago

yeah. i hope they dont F it up like *cough* *haze* *cough*

prunchess3790d ago

I'm a big Free Radical Fan but unless they improve on the lackluster graphics that HAZE suffered from and the shoddy game play I won't buy TS4. I expect 1080p and a game that is better than TS2, which is the best FPS they have produced.

I was so disappointed with HAZE. It is a pity because I have bought every other game that they have made in the past, for my games collection and loved every one.

LaChance3790d ago

is this PS3 exclusive ?
Werent the other TS multiplat ? (except for TS1)

resistance1003790d ago

No one knows, all depends on who's publishing it, however it looks like it will either be Multi-plat or Ps3 exclusive. Either way its coming to Ps3

heyheyhey3790d ago

well FRD have already made one PS3 exclusive

who's to say they won't do it again?

MaximusPrime3790d ago

I think TS4 will be on xbox 360 too.

shame init?

PirateThom3790d ago

It'll probably be multi-platform, but it depends on the publisher

1 and 2 were Eidos, 3 was EA.

Haze was published by Ubisoft, so it's possible TS4 will be as well.

However, it's also very possible at E3, Sony could announce they are publishing.

Most likely, it'll be Ubisoft and it'll be multiplatform.

socomnick3790d ago

Hopefully its lead platform is the xbox 360. We all saw what happens when free radical makes the ps3 the lead platform in games. You get a horrible game like haze.

PirateThom3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Yeah, because Haze is the peak of what Free Radical and PS3 are capable of.

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jtucker783790d ago

Well the guys at Free Radical learnt salutory lesson with Haze, lets hope they can return to form....

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