Panzar Studios picks CryEngine 2

Cyprus-based studio using engine for upcoming online title.

Cypriot publisher Troxit and its development subsidiary Panzar Studio have licensed CryTek's CryEngine 2.

The engine will be used on Forged by Chaos, a new online fantasy game with RPG elements, and was picked for its DirectX 10 capabilities and its showcase in Crysis.

"The release of Crytek's latest computer game – Crysis, powered by their revolutionary CryEngine 2, opened new horizons for us. CryEngine 2 combined a number of innovative programming ideas and creative decisions to create product which eliminated a lot of the previous limitations which used to exist for game developers," said CEO Vladimir Valkov.

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N4g_null3792d ago

Awwww these guys are sleepers I wish them luck. Go to here to see why this is so big .

Seriously they don't speak lots of english but they are crazy talented. Every one should check them out!

Ghoul3792d ago

yup panzar is crazy im chekin theyre page regular to see how they progress on theyre warhammer modeling project