Microsoft: Ratings could make UK games more expensive

Not only could videogames see later release dates in the UK compared to the rest of Europe, but British gamers might have to start paying more as well.

That's according to Neil Thompson, Microsoft's senior regional director for EDD in the UK and Ireland, who has backed comments made earlier in the week by EA's Keith Ramsdale regarding the potential impact of the dual ratings system proposed by the Byron Review.

"We're in the business of providing great games to a broad audience of gamers, and we need to be able to fulfil that role by getting products to consumers quickly and at a good price," Thompson told exclusively.

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pharmd3790d ago

man... and to think the brits have to wait long enough already!

Malacath3790d ago

This is stupid. There is no point in having two ratings on the box.
Why can't the government just pick one ratings board for games and stick to it. They are just trying to push the prices up so they can earn more tax becuase higher prices means more VAT paid.

Egzekutor3790d ago

because the gov is fuked up