Blizzard's Mystery Game is the StarCraft MMO

It's official! Okay, no it's not. Blizzard has been teasing the gaming world with its evolving homepage ice picture, and after this latest update, the planets certainly appear to be aligning for the announcement of World of StarCraft, or whatever they decide to call the new Massively Multiplayer Online game set in the StarCraft universe.

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Twizlex3768d ago

Holy crap! I would forgo all other MMO's for a StarCraft MMO! Please be true!

pharmd3768d ago

i like how they are going about this with the anticipation building and building...

Twizlex3768d ago

Yeah, whatever the game does end up being that they announce, they certainly are building up hype for it, and in an interesting way.

ChampIDC3768d ago

Darn Blizzard. If this is true, my Blizzard MMO addiction will return when this comes out. And I just broke my WoW addiction =(

jdoggystyyle3768d ago

please ! please let this be true!.....and give me around about release YEAR so i can get in the things i wanna do in life in time for this to come out...cuz ...this will be my wow! sc ftw

JsonHenry3768d ago


If it was an RTS-MMO then I would be happy. But I am one of the few people that don't like level grinding or MMOs in general.

I WISH I was, but I am not.

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Nostradavis3768d ago

I have had enough "Craft" to last me 3 lifetimes...

Condoleezza Rice3768d ago

Wait until the official announcement,might change your mind.

SCFreelancer3768d ago

@2.1 I am afraid you are right about that one, whatever the announcement might be.

ice_prophecy3768d ago

They are so good at what they do.

Whether it is starcraft or diablo or warcraft related. Blizzard have done a fine job in getting all eyes on them.

Captain Tuttle3768d ago

I was thinking Diablo 3 until they pointed out that rune. Now I think it's Starcraft related. The MMO makes the most sense.

Gimmee something to shoot!!

SCFreelancer3768d ago

A Starcraft Related game beeing in the making next to Starcraft II would not be such a strange possibility especially if you consider the fact that Starcraft Ghost is official still on hold and not cancelled.

Whatever it turns out to be, it should be announced within the next 24 hours in Paris!

ChrisGTR13768d ago

what if its just a spash for starcraft 2? or whichever is next. rts game.

Jack Meahoffer3768d ago

Hey we're building all this hype so now lets announce a game that was already announced! Woohoo!

If this isn't D3 or World of Starcraft then Blizzard will get owned in the media.

proArchy3768d ago

"Blizzard will get owned in the media" for 5 minutes until the next hype train pulls into the station. Seriously, they haven't said anything about this. If there is excitement around this Blizzard is just going to sit back, drink a beer, and laugh until they are ready to divulge whatever it is. Trust me, they are enjoying the free traffic to their site. When they announce the "Brand new Starcraft Pogs" and the internet goes "Boo", they will not be sad.