Hirai: "True Generation" PS3 Titles To Come

Kotaku Write: PlayStation business head Kaz Hirai admitted to having a "difficult time" with PlayStation 3's launch, due in part to Sony's initially framing it as a broad media system as opposed to a video game console.

"However, by refocusing the positioning of PS3 first and foremost as a gaming platform, we were able to bring an attractive title lineup and achieve a sufficient number of PS3 sales as expected in the fiscal year 2007 holiday season," Hirai said.

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Noodlecup3863d ago

The graphics you see in most console games today have already been done a year or 2 ago on PC, it's nice to hear that they're moving forwards.

Bolts3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Two years ago? Thats a bit conversative, try 3 years ago if not more.

For example the UT3 engine is no longer an effective as a benchmark for highend PC video cards. A single 280 GTX can pass over 100 FPS at native 1080p 4x AA without even breaking a sweat. Hell, even a cheap mid range PC vid card can no throw Gears of War around at 70 FPS like it was rendering a screensaver or something.

So I'm not sure what True Gen is, because it is already too late. Unless KZ 2 is full 1080p with full scene 4X AA @ at least 30 FPS I doubt the console world can deliver on it's so called True Gen.

Actually, the only game that qualify as "True Gen" so far is GT5, and thats barely.

Capt CHAOS3862d ago

How about..
True Gaming.
True Fun
True blah.

Bolts3862d ago

The problem is we never had True HD to begin with. With Bluray movies, yes. With games, no...with a very few exceptions GT5 and the upcoming Wipeout for example.

coolfool3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

this is just a terminology and not really a reference to anything that new, or special or different. He just means that, as the consoles life goes on the games will improve. Which is a bit of a no-brainer really.

With the term trueHD people applied numbers and specs to it like "1080p" but with this statement that can't be done.

Point being, I think this is just a throw away statement and shouldn't really be taken seriously.

AAACE53862d ago

I was going to give you a bubble because I recently had one of mine taken from me for a commemt that people misunderstood as fanboyism! But seeing how you are ignored by 71 users... maybe it happened to you for an actual reason! No offense, just be cautious about your words bud!

HowarthsNJ3862d ago

He just left out a word.

We all know what is meant especially KOTAKU, but this brings in more site hits and FB comments.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3862d ago

True HD (High Definition) just means full HD 1080p it's a well known term. With the True Generation PlayStation 3 titles they're only talking about their platform. I find it so wierd people like you over anaylize Sony's comments and most likely brush off Nintendo's / Microsoft's comments. Nintendo doesn't believe people will buy into HDTVs in the future and Microsoft uses old HD technology.

Microsoft hypes up GTAIV (Grand Theft Auto) about day one of exclusive episodic content. In the end it didn't really matter because it was delayed and the popularity already died (it might spark again). All I'm trying to say is that you'll find something in every company.

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Bordel_19003863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Well, it's only normal that devs get better and better with time, ofc the best is yet to come.

Enough of the fake generation, bring on the true genereation.

Skerj3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

A "True Gen" PS3 game is already here, Act 3 in MGS4 proves that. For spoiler's sake for the people who haven't played it yet, I won't go into details but the folks who have know what I'm talking about.

Fishy Fingers3863d ago

Act 3 is jaw dropping. Probably one of the finest gaming experiences I've been lucky enough to play through.

Playing it on Extreme now, stuck on the boss. 1 ration :(

Skerj3862d ago

Trying to do it nonlethal is becoming a pain in the ass.

Fishy Fingers3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

LOL I tried and gave up. On extreme you cant buy ammo for the tranq guns o_0 so I quickly ran out.

Try going for the Big Boss Icon/face camo. Complete Extreme in under 5 hours, no deaths, no killing and no alerts. But get the camo and equip it, all enemies will run in fear, literally. (cool).

hmmm... should be easy enough :P

Need special bandanna (infinite ammo) and Mk2 Camo suit (invisibility), only 5 million each from Drebin.

Skerj3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

So glad that for this one they took the save restrictions out for rankings. Now I make incremental saves at every checkpoint to make sure I didn't get any kills. It served me well because I had to go back to a previous section and buy a new shotgun to use VRings since the Saiga doesn't work for that section :(.

Torch3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Man, you guys sure know how to make a fella feel puny & insignificant.

Here I am, relieved that I managed to avoid using up all of my many rations when beating Laughing Octopus in Normal...

...and you guys are talking about not getting killed and not having any alerts...not deaths, not damage...but ALERTS, dammit!!!...and on Extreme to boot!

Sheesh...kinda makes me want to put aside MGS4 and go rent "Barbie as the Island Princess" for my Wii. :(

AAACE53862d ago

MGS 1 & 2 were great games, so I would expect nothing less from 4! Couldn't get into part 3 for some reason though... I just didn't like that one!

Testo3862d ago

"Try going for the Big Boss Icon/face camo. Complete Extreme in under 5 hours, no deaths, no killing and no alerts. But get the camo and equip it, all enemies will run in fear, literally. (cool)."

Hey guys I don't know if I'm misreading here but you say your playing the game on 'The Boss' Extreme setting trying to get "Big Boss" face camo. One thing I noticed you said was:

"Playing it on Extreme now, stuck on the boss. 1 ration :( ""

You do realize you can't use any type of healing item right?

If you have been using rations or anything that gives health/ psyche back you wont get the camo.

I have read that these are the requirements:

Instigate no alerts; kill no enemies (not even bosses); do not continue (at all); do not use life recovery items (at all); do not use the stealth suit or bandanna special items (you may possess, but not activate them); and complete the game on Big Boss Extreme difficulty under 5 hours.

I did Act 1 on Extreme just to find out that apparently I used a "Health Item" without knowing. (Have to start again)

So un-equip those rations that are auto used when low on health!

Unless I'm misreading, if thats the case, just ignore my comments.

INehalemEXI3862d ago

Im content with MGS4/MGO it is truely what I would expect from a current gen console at this point and time.

Those FF13's will shock people when they release probably even more so then MGS4 and thats no small feat.

Dark General3862d ago

Going for the Big Boss rank and i gave up and decided to go for foxhound instead. I couldn't even shock unsuspecting enemies with my knife without setting off a alert and that's how i usually knock them out. I just couldn't take that pain in the ass of super A.I (they hear and see everything, it's like playing against a army of supermen). I'll play on extreme my next run through when i finally get to use some weapons. I haven't use weapons in my first playthrough or this second one so i'm really looking forward to playing with them.

pwnsause3862d ago

Act 3 is defenitely not possible on any platform, except for the PC and PS3. seriously anyone who is stating that this game might go multiplatform this generation, go play that level of the game

Time_Is_On_My_Side3862d ago

In my opinion Act 4: Twin Suns is the act I think is thee most impressive. Especially the split screen and change of game play mechanics.

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Silogon3863d ago

True Generation games! So, I guess we've all been playing Fake Generation games up till now. Impostor Generation games, if you will.

On a serious note, anything Sony's PR guys come out and say will be under scrutiny. I remember when they went cold silent after the Crab and Ridge Racer incidents and everyone cried and said Sony didn't care. sony didn't care. Then Sony makes a blog to show you that they care and all you people do is bash them left and right over there for not giving you what you want when you want it.

Sad really, but not really cause it shows everyone of you and the consumers hold Sony to a higher medium than Nintendo or Microsoft. Want to know why? Cause you all don't give a squirt of P*$$ what they do and what they say.


Silogon3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

mess up

tordavis3862d ago

Silogon is Sonarus in disguise.

Silogon3862d ago

Nope, haven't you heard? Everyone thinks I'm Games blow now and Power of Green and Ice something or other and about thirty other n4g members past and present.

Good guess, though. < That'll throw 'em off the trail.

dantesparda3862d ago

No, Im just kidding, LOL. I only have one account on this site and its been the same account since day one I came on this site back in 2005/2006.

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gnothe13863d ago

shows everyone of you and the consumers hold Sony to a higher medium than Nintendo or Microsoft. (your quote)

no thats not the case, its just that sony is always the ones coming out with crap statements an HYPE PROMISES!!now its TRUE GENERATIONS!! it was true HD, the next gen doesnt start until WE say so. our system can do this, we have the only true next gen box. crap like that. if sony didnt make bullish comments like that all the time, people wouldnt put them under the microscope so much!! MS is guilty of that also but not nearly as much as sony.

Silogon3863d ago

I agree "true generation" is a pretty absurd tag for the ps3 line up but if Nintendo were to say "True generation gaming with the wii mote" Everyone would love it and say "Man, that shiggy sure is dreamy"

People, admit it, hold Sony under more scrutiny than anyone else in the history of video games. Not even Atari got this much flack and they almost killed the industry. Anytime Sony says something the media and the gamers hit on it until it's A - Not funny anymore and B - Down right cynical and uncalled for.

I agree with you, though. "True generation" is a pretty ballsy statement.

juuken3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

...Rofl, WHAT?

MS isn't guilty of crap statements?

1. Where's Home? Why is Home taking so long?
2. We wanna be number 1!
3. People prefer the 360 over any other console.
4. We want to use aggressive tactics to be at number 1!

You can't be serious with that.

And I wouldn't trust kotaku's publications with a grain of freakin' salt. They have always been biased towards Sony and the PS3 since that little fiasco they had.

AAACE53862d ago

I'm probably going to lose another bubble for saying this but... All 3 companies say these statements to keep investors interested! I only expect the 3 to come out with a few games a year. I don't expect them to do anything truely mind-blowing!

But the one thing I have to point out, but it happens to be true... Last gen Ps2 had a lot of great games, even though from a technical standpoint it was weaker than the gamecube and xbox... But for some reason sony fans didn't care... it was all about having alot of fun games and decent graphics! That's respectable!

In this gen, the competition is weaker than the ps3, and has more games. But even though the Ps3 is said to be a technical marvel, It seems to be all that sony fans are concerned with. It seems like sony fans wait for a great game to come out, play it, and then run back to N4G to defend how great it is, or either to make people jealous!

Newsflash!!! It's the Ps3... Yes it's going to have alot of great games! Everyone with a normal brain knows that!