PST Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

PST: "Has it already been more than a year since Grand Theft Auto V first launched? Wow. Time flies, and while everyone already suspected that Rockstar's magnum opus would eventually get the new-gen treatment, the lengths to which it has gone are above and beyond anything we had expected. It's still that same incredible GTA V experience that you enjoyed a year ago, but with a lovely lick of high-resolution paint and a few new features that combine to ensure the game feels fresh."

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BadlyPackedKeebab2143d ago

<bragging t*at>This is a long day at work, looking forward to spinning up my copy tonight. </brag>

paul-p19882143d ago

All weekend my PSN pre-ordered copy has been sat on my HDD, just waiting to go. I can't wait for tomorrow morning, i'm gonna get up really early for work so I can get an hour in before I have to leave lol