LEGO Indiana Jones Demo Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

LEGO Indiana Jones Demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace, the demo is free and the size of demo is 619.95 MB.

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Bolts3765d ago

When are they going to stop making these damn Lego games? Even more importantly who is buying these damn Lego games?

P4KY B3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

They are great.
Laugh out loud funny, especially for those of my generation who grew up with the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films.

I'll be first in line for Lego Batman.

And i'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lego Stargate (I know its a long shot)

Tomdc3765d ago

id like something meaningfull to happen when you die though...

monkey6023765d ago

The LEGO games are deadly!!
I had the star wars ones on PS2 they were fun. tried this demo today and liked it, will probably rent it out soon (dont have a lot of money so buying is out of the question). I'm not a batman fan though so i'll be passing on that one.

InMyOpinion3764d ago

XBL keeps getting demos! =)

I hope this is as good as the Star Wars games.

thenickel3764d ago

Me and my brother just had a blast playing a lego demo lol. I would never of thought this game was any good.