Playstation 3 download service may also include PSP, doesn't have other studios yet

Variety video games reporter and reviews editor Ben Fritz report's: As promised in my earlier post, I spent the day doing some reporting on Sony's PS3 video download service that's launching this summer. You can get the full story right here on

Turns out Sony is thinking about offering more than the same features as Xbox Live. In addition to standard movie rentals, it's talking to potential partners about allowing users to transfer movie downloads to the PSP. It's also thinking about working with the company's own Blu-ray disc format so that users might be able to transfer a copy off the hi-def DVD onto a PS3 or PSP (similar to the "digital copy" for iPods that some studios are starting to offer on DVDs).

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Euphrate3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )


meepmoopmeep3767d ago

wow, quite the improvement from launch. i like the idea of transferring movies onto psp for on-the-go. that's awesome. hope the film companies let this happen.

i'd like to see more ps1/ps2 games becoming available on psn for download though.

wolfehound223767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

This is fine. I wasn't expecting Sony to launch with a couple hundred movies to dl right away. As long as they get this going and get more studios thats fine with me. And before people start complaining that they should have more just remember. This is a game console just like the 360 movie dl are just a great added benefit. I'm loving my PS3 purchase more and more everyday. Also loving my psp purchase this would be great to be able to watch the movies you dl on your PSP.

On a side note I want to upgrade my hard drive, what happens to all my saved data. I know you can redownload any games you got but what about my other game save data.

ice_prophecy3767d ago

You can Back ALL Data onto a portable hard drive. Then put in the new hard drive. Then do a restore. (The back up is like a special ps3 format file)

I've done it myself. It backs all your saves, game data, music, EVERYTHING.

Veryangryxbot3767d ago

That being said, Im expecting tens of thousands of movies once the deal is worked between the Blu Ray studios including MANY MANY triple A hollywood movies.

Unlike the 360 movie download servive.

titntin3767d ago

I'm not a huge fan of downloadable movies - even with the increased functionality.

But the increased choice can only be a good thing, and the PSN is really starting to offer an excellent service. With the supposed features of firmware 2.4 and latter release of 'Home', its looking to take the mantle of 'best online service' from MS.

Shadow Flare3767d ago

Well this sort of confirms its not just going to be rentals then surely? Why would you stick a rented movie on a psp? I love this idea of copying bluray movies onto the psp though. Happy ps3 owner right here

thereapersson3767d ago

I can watch movies in full, 1080p glory, on my PS3 and then transfer them to my PSP to take with me on the road. I don't care if it doesn't have the mass casual market support like the DS has; the PSP is the best handheld out right now.

My girlfriend had a DS for a short while, and I was very surprised to hear her complain about the DS library; saying all the games got old after a while because they were too simplistic. She said she'd rather have a PSP, as it currently has more to offer in terms of quality software (size of games, content, etc). She can't wait for Little Big Planet to come out, because she's eager to start constructing her own levels.

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