10 upcoming Wii games that will turn you on.

From : In terms of popularity, the Wii is hurtling along like a hyperactive freight train on red cordial. We take a look down the track and identify the games worth watching...

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Tomdc5457d ago (Edited 5457d ago )

im not turned on...

hotrider125457d ago

me either I'll be turned on when nintendo open some of their portfolio of classic games and up-grade them on the wii not on v c
how long will nintendo keep re-making mario,zelda, metroid?? geez!!

Pacifist5457d ago

Is mario, zelda, and metroid even on this list? I doubt you even read the article...

jtucker785457d ago (Edited 5457d ago )

The Conduit - Yes
Mad World - Yes

The others? Nah....

Rabid Rabbids? Because we definitely need more mini game compilations!

And Sonic? Sonic is a dirty word. I'm sure Unleashed will be a steaming pile of Sonic.

The others are meh...

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