Frost Magazine - PlayStation 4 One Year On – The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

Junior Smart of Frost Magazine writes "One year on has the PS4 managed to live up to the hype or has it even earned the title of a ‘next generation’ console? I, along with many other gamers are not truly convinced. I am going to attempt to give a rundown of this much anticipated games machine with my overview of the past year."

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TWB1526d ago

Kinda nitpicks but...

PSN gives you free games? No, thats PS Plus since PSN is still kind of a free service. You just cant play AAA games online for free anymore.

Biohazard infinite ? I tried to search and google didnt even like try to correct me, it just spewed bioshock right at my face so surely this cant be some weird regional difference ?

VforVideogames1526d ago

Stupid article, it talks good about ps4 but when its down to the ugly part that's when they talk about the xbox one.............. go figure.