Did A Boy Really Kill Himself After His Wii Was Taken Away?

Kotaku writes: "The story goes a little something like this: Britain's Daily Telegraph runs a story with the headline "Schoolboy hangs himself after row over Nintendo Wii". Said story suggests that the 13 year-old boy "hanged himself with his school tie" after his parents had confiscated his Wii following some bad behaviour.

The headline and presence of the Wii was enough to give the Telelgraph's (relatively) sensible story some traction, get a bunch of other news outlets and websites thinking - and reporting - that he killed himself. Over a Wii. Pity it's all a load of rubbish."

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TiKiMaN13766d ago

This may be going straight to the front page.

nbsmatambo3765d ago

"but did he kill himself? No. He didn't. His death was an accident, the result of a temper tantrum he threw once sent to his room."

How do you accidentally hang yourself with your school tie?

TrevorPhillips3766d ago

if my wii got taken away i would not kill myself jesus christ

Fruit Loops3766d ago

There are obviously more problems taht led to his suicide.
But I wouldn't kill myself over a Wii either LOL

jadenkorri3766d ago

HANG yourself "by accident"...cmon, a kid having a temper tantrum is not gonna be capable to hanging themselves by accident, its done for a reason, the kid committed suicide, how dumb are people thinking a kid hanged himself by accident, if you think about it hanging your self requires the rope/ or school tie to be tied strongly around something high in the room, which would have to require or accessible by a chair of some sort, once securely tied, then place tie around neck, and kick away chair, there you have it a "accidental hanging" if the kid shot himself in the head, he accidentally shot himself and not committed suicide...right...i suppose its better to blame an accident or act of god, rather than yourself as bad parenting...BTW taking away a wii or console should not put your kid in temper tantrum, there are issues that you parents should of resolved long before rewarding with a console...

Polluted3766d ago

@jadenkorri: My brother in law accidentally hanged himself. He was around 8 years old at the time. He had down syndrome. His parents were very upset.

Bubble and Squeek3766d ago

Autoerotic asphyxiation

That's how...

Well he was 13...

AceLuby3765d ago

It doesn't matter how... but if he committed suicide the coroner wouldn't say he didn't. It has HUGE insurance implications. This is a terrible time for the family. It was a freak accident.

BTW one very easy way to do this would have been if his tie got caught on something and in the middle of his fit he hit his head knocking himself out.

But no... we have to go the sensational route. 'He killed himself', 'how could he do it', 'his parents are to blame'... I said this yesterday during the original article. You guys should be ashamed.

KarateExplosion3765d ago

I hang myself on accident all the time. Every time I wear a tie it always gets caught on something above my head.

tojfs79313765d ago

the smartest thing I have read on N4g in awhile.

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Roleplayer3766d ago

its the old 'jump on the video games are bad' bandwagon isnt it

Polluted3766d ago

Accidental hanging. That's awful. If anyone wants to make any tasteless jokes, just picture yourself walking into yours son/nephew/little brother's room and finding him hanging from his tie. What kind of sick f**k sensationalizes a story like this?

Johnny_Boy3766d ago

Bash the Wii someplace else. This is neither a funny topic or place to make jokes over the loss of a child. Obviously there were other things involved than a gaming console that played into this tragedy. Move on to another thread for ur wii comments than make a joke out of this.

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