Digital Chumps | Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

It’s 2014 and EA/Bioware have been marketing the hell out of Dragon Age: Inquisition game prior to its launch. It promises to go back to what made the first so ‘magical’ (couldn’t find a better word, the coffee hasn’t quite kicked in this morning) and, more importantly, memorable. It marketed the possibility of large lands to explore, endless side quests and a compelling story to keep you moving forward. All of this on top of a crazy character customization system, a competent leveling system and a strong online co-op multiplayer function. They promised all of these things on Dragon Age’s first attempt at current generation hardware.

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HollowIchigo252625d ago

Wow...almost 90 on metacritic and to think I was worried about this game!

Truehellfire2625d ago

I think everyone was worried about this game and rightfully so. Bioware/EA haven't been the greatest lately. Dragon Age II was mediocre at best. Mass Effect 3 was great but had a horrible ending. Glad to see that Inquisition is going well with reviewers though. Can't wait to play it tomorrow night.

Bimkoblerutso2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I think some of the D&D "purists" are still going to be a little upset about the combat. To me, though, it sounds like they found a good way of making it fun even if it hardly resembles faithful D&D mechanics at this point.

I'm just glad the world is finally going to feel like something other than a bunch of lifeless corridors.

Truehellfire2625d ago

Yeah and I understand where D&D purists come from. I would definitely prefer a more tactical game, but I am not completely against a more user friendly experience. Very much like you I am extremely happy we are getting better environments too. Also better visuals cause even though gameplay and story are more important, I still do love good visuals.

Kinger89382625d ago

I was too, ill hold my hands up!


I do think graphically it looks rather dated but who cares! Need a deep rpg to get into, keep me busy until witcher and bloodborne

Truehellfire2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

From the gameplay videos it seems that it looks dated sometimes and other times it looks really good. Guess we will find out for sure once it releases.

tgunzz2625d ago

After playing it through EA access, I had to go ahead and preorder. This game is great! Can't wait to add another hit to my jukebox!!!