TeamXbox: Tales of Vesperia Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "I've always assumed that fans of Japanese role-playing games (or JRPG's for short) had to fall in at least one of two camps, if not both. They're either rabid anime fans who follow the twisting stories with ease and eat up the "big-eye" style of artwork like it was candy, or they're just fans of the turn-based battles and item collecting that come along with the RPG genre. More likely they fancy themselves as both.

But RPG's in general have changed quite a bit. Turn-based combat systems seem to be falling out of favor for more real-time action, and of course graphically things have improved greatly in this current generation of consoles. Which is all good for Tales of Vesperia. It has amazing looking next generation graphics that are some of the most faithful anime-style visuals rendered in 3D we've ever seen, as well as a real-time battle system that's much more fun to play than your standard turn-based combat affair."

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