Furry 360 faceplate is ... furry

Xbox-Scene got some pictures of Talismoon's new upcoming furry faceplates. Just like their furry controller sisters, the faceplate comes in leopard and sexy cow print. I'm thinking these will be more user friendly then the furry controller's (sweat + germs = disgusting fur controller), but I'm not overly sure these have that "cool" factor. And I love the disclaimer that reads: "Synthetic fur, please note no animals were hurt in the production of the 'evolve Wild Jungle' edition faceplates". You're not buying these ... are you?

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MissAubrey4368d ago

if your a girl....or a shemale.

THWIP4368d ago

...the 360 stays PLENTY warm on it's need to add fur. ;)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4368d ago

Watchout, might catch on fire .