Happy Birthday, PS4. These were the worst games of your first year

GameZone: "Exactly one year ago today Sony launched the PlayStation 4 with the promise that “greatness awaits.” Exactly 365 days later, we’re still waiting."

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Lol I can't believe they added Killzone Shadow Fall to the list. And then they put this in their first line. "Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t necessarily a bad game." But then completely ignore games like Bound By Flame, Putty Squad, and Sniper Elite III. They should also add ASSassins creed Unity to the list too

Major_Nailson1436d ago

Yeah, this was an obvious troll attempt, I've reported this writer before. This was actually the best year for the PS4. Those games he listed were on my GOTY list.

These articles are trying to tear us down as gamers and we can't allow it. we need to report these articles to stop this sad attempt to bury Sony.

miyamoto1435d ago


is actually a great game and this video proves it.

Haters hate for clicks.

bouzebbal1435d ago

Knack definitely doesn't belong there.. it's a very fun game for those nostalgic platform action lovers like myself.

KZ also far from being the worst game. it's weaker than previous episodes but not a bad game.

TedCruzsTaint1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Bound by Flame and Sniper Elite 3 are better games than Killzone.


Both games I listed differentiate themselves from the pack by offering interesting takes on the genre they find themselves in. Killzone is nothing more than a lack-luster FPS that served as nothing more than intended - a tech piece for the system.

OmegaShen1435d ago

BbF was trash, bad acting and much more. SE3 was ok at best, but not even close to looking as pretty as KZ SF or even as good.

4me21435d ago

Well I still enjoy KZSF.
What I have noticed is that COD BF player are unable to to adjust. They prefer simplicity of "You unlock best gun+perks and play it for next 6 months". Also no aim assist and really big bullet spread adds to difficulty of KZ.

The biggest complaint I have is lag!

EmperorDalek1435d ago

One of the worst? Maybe not. Still complete trash though.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1435d ago

I really believe that people who sit around and write shit like this don't even have the console that they are writing about. There are far worse games than those mentioned in the article;

Basement Crawl



Angry Birds

NBA Live 14

The Amazing Spiderman

Putty Squad


Knushwood Butt1435d ago

I was enjoying KZ SF multiplayer yesterday, and beat Knack a while back.

So if they are the worst games of the first year, it must have been a pretty good year.

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ashen1221436d ago

dang I actually like KZ mp and driveclub mp lol

sin72791435d ago

Troll article,kz is the best loking fps on konzole, and for me best multiplayer, beter then bf and cod!

JimmyDM901435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

If nothing else, I laughed at the juxtaposition of tones in the title.

Steptoe1435d ago

Just another xbox troll trying to make themselves feel better. Jeez these guys never give up. You know the Playstation is doing well when the xbots are this worried.

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