PS4's Share Play Is Good For Gaming

PlayStation 4's Share Play feature is a step in the right direction for the gaming industry.

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Abash1524d ago

It's a fantastic way to "try before you buy" in the world of today.

Major_Nailson1523d ago

Share play is by far the best gaming feature of all time. Sony is ready making me love them more and more. I can't express how awesome these guys are. I was in the military for 6 years and when I came home...the first thing I did was power up my PS3.

I purchased my PS4 at launch and I've never been happier.

chrismichaels041523d ago

First Sony introduces Cross Buy and Cross Play. Now they give us Share Play. It's things like this that keep me supporting Sony. Even the most biased anti-Sony fans have to agree these features are impressive and very beneficial to gamers.

johndoe112111523d ago


How the hell do you get 4 disagrees for that statement????

chrismichaels041523d ago

@Johndoe - Im not surprised. The biased anti-Sony fanboys have a huge chip on their shoulders these days.

98xpresent1523d ago

It's good for consumers too.

Shacks1523d ago

SOunds like a good idea to me.

MeliMel1523d ago

Pretty neat feature for sure. Hopefully this lights a fire under MS ass and we also get fam share. Two great share features on two great consoles.

BlkPearl1523d ago

thank you sony, soon microsoft will have family sharing :)

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