Confirmed: Enhanced PS3 Network & Movie Downloads This Summer

A stronger network and movie download capabilities? When Kazuo Hirai, head of Sony's Video Game Division says "expect more" from an evolving PS3 unit - he means it.

Sony has officially announced that in addition to strengthening its PS3 network capabilities, they will begin a Playstation 3 movie download service in the US this summer. The service will then expand into Japan and Europe at a later date.

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Nostradavis3769d ago

Movie downloads and a stronger network? I may buy another PS3 if they keep this up.

pharmd3769d ago

time for me to upgrade the ol harddrive!!!!

aiphanes3769d ago

Newegg has the 320gig SATA 2.5 inch drives around $120 to $135.

pwnsause3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

i might buy a new HDD if the video store works rather well and they keep releasing a load of content every week, which is something that the PS store lacks.

Jim Crowslaw3769d ago

Finally some OFFICIAL Sony news. lookin forward to this

butterfinger3769d ago

with a brand new Western Digital 250GB from eBay for only $81.00... I also picked up a 4GB memory card for my PSP for only $9.99!

meepmoopmeep3769d ago


hey can you link me to those deals?

dragunrising3769d ago

How would I do this?

Very excited about the movie downloads. Personally, I feel Xbox Live downloads are a little on the expensive side. Convenient at night after the local videostore closes or movie of choice is unavailable. Beat the price and I'll have no choice but to download them via PSN (not that I'd complain mind you). I bet there will be the option of 1080p downloads just like there is with movie and video game trailers. I wonder if there will be a video service price war? Only time will tell, but here is hoping the price of video downloads goes down.

Whoooop3769d ago

PS3 manual tells you exactly how to do it...

interrergator3769d ago

wow sonys movin up in the world


Thats what sucks about PS3, sony takes forever to come with the good stuff, remember home, still not here and now they are anouncing this as it will be here soon. So chatting with people playing diff. games and sending invites, how long is that going to take??

Blackfrican3769d ago

Before it came out on Xbox I liked the concept. But to this date, I have not been able to get myself to pay the money they want (especially for HD!) for the online movie downloads. Furthermore the only movie I watched through the service was the free Austin Powers movie. However, I am not a huge movie watcher anyway so I suppose other users get more use out of it than I do.

harrisk9543769d ago

Getting something BEFORE Japan!

Tomdc3769d ago

I think the thing we all want to know, is when this service is coming to the UK...

thereapersson3769d ago

They didn't even have unified custom soundtrack support in all the games on the original XBOX. To think that Sony is doing all this in the first 2 or so years of the PS3, when the original PS2's gaming network barely even existed, is pretty good. Give credit where credit is due.

shelbygt333769d ago

It's pretty easy to look at the current market leader and mimic what they do best. It's another thing entirely to do the innovation and try to stay one step ahead of everyone that tries to one-up you.

But, as someone else already mentioned, I don't like the movie download services. The prices ($6?) for a movie rental are too steep for me. i pay the Blockbuster online for about $19/month, and with that I get two movies in the mail that I return at the store for two more - my monthly per movie cost is around $2.38.

I'm not cheap, I just don't think a movie rental is worth $6.

iHEARTboobs3769d ago

@1.11 - It'll take some time to get here but it should work well when it does. But it's funny when most of the time it's 360 fanboys that are more upset about us not having this stuff than actual PS3 owners. Just like the RROD wasn't a big deal with a lot of you guys why should chatting with someone playing another game be a big deal to PS3 owners?

@1.16 - Yeah, $6 will be a bit pricy but the convenience of it is what people will like. Hopefully Sony keeps it under $5.

player9113769d ago

The 360's movies aren't that expensive when you factor in the time and gas it takes to run down to the nearest video store and "hope" they have the movie you want.

Plus the 360 allows you to download the HD movies.

It seems weird why the PS3 is getting downloadable movies... thats shooting themselves in the foot. Microsoft is pushing digital downloads. Why would Sony help defeat their own blue-ray format?

Don't get me wrong digital downloads are great and as a 360 owner I've enjoyed lots of "rentals" late at night that I would be otherwise without. The widely-owned blueray player is the PS3...

Sony supporting digital downloads on their most common blue-ray player surely will hurt Blueray disc sales.

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Sayai jin3769d ago

I guess by my two disagree DD are not coming. If you disagree with me then you must disagree with this article.

meepmoopmeep3769d ago

i won't be dl movies, i'd rather buy them, but it's a great option to have. it's awesome how PSN keeps evolving with newer/better features. consoles are starting to become awesome multimedia machines and i'm uber happy for that/.

chasuk083769d ago

Yeh same, id rather have them on dvd or blu-ray, but its nice to have it for the poeple that want it.

Angelitos3769d ago

Poor XBots

PSN same features as xbl + its FREE>>>> XBL

juuken3769d ago

Heeey, don't make them cry! :(
I just bought a new box of tissues! (v^.^)--b

Shaka2K63769d ago

but.but...but we got the free lag and the free adds.


Veryangryxbot3769d ago

PSN is getting better than LIVE times 1000.

- Video / movie store (Sony pictures + Blu Ray studios = TONS OF TRIPLE A movies unlike XBOX LIVE WITH THEIR HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL!)
- Trophies
- In game music
- Free
- Great online
- Custom background and themes

Not even touching the surface here but everyone can see why PSN is better.