Gamespot: Alone in the Dark Review

Playing through Alone in the Dark, you begin to feel a creeping sensation that something is not quite right. This unease is not born of the dark, sinister plot or engendered by your unholy, malevolent foes; rather, it is spawned from the sizable rift between the game's celestial aspirations and terrestrial execution. There are a number of great elements here that are regrettably hampered by pervasive technical shortcomings. This disconnect keeps Alone in the Dark from reaching its full potential, but doesn't keep it from presenting a unique and often rewarding action adventure experience for those with the patience to stick with it.

The Good:
* Abundant opportunities for clever item use
* Dramatic moments pack a punch
* Bucks many action adventure game conventions
* May encourage pyromania.

The Bad:
* Control issues whether you're on foot or behind the wheel
* Riddled with visual inconsistencies
* May encourage pyromania.

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