Five of the worst game launches ever

The last few months game launches have been horrible. But we have seen alot of bad releases through out the years. Here are five of them.

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hoppermania2531d ago

Driveclub was the worst i think. No, maybe Diablo 3... or...

thorstein2531d ago

Battlefield 4....wasn't fixed until 2 months ago.

3-4-52531d ago

Not for all.

I had it on PC and it worked 100% from day one. Never had a problem with it, so for me, I had a really positive experience with the game, even though it could still use improvements....the maps.

Majin-vegeta2531d ago

At least those game were playable unlike BF4..Which no matter what you did something would always happen.

Ripsta7th2531d ago

I have been playing BF4 since launch(ps4) and never saw those signifacnt problems, i did lag once ina a while but NEVER anything that would make the game unplayable
Mustve been reqlly lucky i guess

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2530d ago

Halo Masterchief Collection

Broken 1 week and counting

TXIDarkAvenger2531d ago

I think Grand Theft Auto Online was even worse for me than D3. Still get disconnected and then end up in single player and than have to wait like 5 minutes to get back into multiplayer. Loading is so slow.

xPhearR3dx2531d ago

GTA was understandable though. It was the fastest selling entertainment product of all time, and they launched the MP 2 weeks after the game was released. In that time, people got their "fix" for the game and was ready to play online. When you have 20+ million people trying to connect to a game in the same day(s), it's expected to not work properly.

I played on PS3 and I believe I was one of the lucky ones. On the 3rd day after GTAO launched, I had no issues at all. Let's just hope the PS4/Xbone launch is much smoother this time around.

the_mack_attack32531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Anybody notice that nearly all games are having terrible launches! We need a video-game related Russell Brand so we can wake up and face this travesty head on in a revolutionary format!

Perjoss2531d ago

His topics seem to range all the way from politics to Kim Kardashian's arse, so he might touch on gaming at some point, there is hope i think!

Philaroni2531d ago

Ya BF4 takes the cake on this one. I remember Gears 2 had lots of issues MP wise. BF4 lost alot of players due to the year of issues. Destiny though had a good launch very few issues for the most part.

Findingcrybabies2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

im gonna have to give it to GTA, Bethesda, but most of all probably DICE.

I have said I will never buy a Rockstar or Bethesda game new ever again....I will however buy the GOTY editions from the bargain bins with all the dlc for free once they FINALLY fix most of the bugs or at least the ones that are going to get fixed.

I would have to say DICE or Ubishit (the MP in their games...AC3 was my final tipping point, but there were many...the infinite animus hack was the straw) though because I have swore I will never buy a game that has their name on the box period. So those are my votes. Absolutely terrible devs that release broken garbage.

Hereiamhereibe22530d ago

Gta single player worked fine, Online when it did come out did have comnectivity issues but was resolved in a few days. Skyrim was spot-free unless you tried to brake shit. Did you even play these games at launch or did you let some troll tell what to buy?

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The story is too old to be commented.