Star Wars The Force Unleashed Faces Development Trouble

An ex member of the crack Jedi programming troupe has revealved that member of the team were released from their contracts before the title had wrapped up. He went on to say that the current team size was insufficient to handle the remaining work.

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Rick Astley3764d ago

That sucks. I hope it's a good game.

Winter47th3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Of course they're having development problems, they're milking it on almost everything except maybe the SNES! and who's decision was it to scrap MP from PS360 in favor of the WII, also, no PC version? is this a joke?

Still anticipating it though, but they should'a focused more on Next-Gen hardware, that way this would have released a year ago.

thesummerofgeorge3764d ago

I agree, stick to next gen hardware. I really hope this isn't delayed any longer, and I hope the next gen versions don't suffer for the crap wii version... I've been waiting a long time for this game. Lucas is all about maximizing profits now... Not the same Lucas that made the first 3 films.

permutated3764d ago

I've been waiting too long for a good Star Wars game for one little f*ck up like this to ruin it.

Lucasarts: Just take your time, we can wait, don't stress.

DeadlyFire3763d ago

I agree with Winter47th. This will only delay the game with a cut in the development team and they are spread to thin across to many platforms and they claim PC can't handle it. If the F#@$ed up DS and PSP, and Wii can handle the game. I think the PC can as well.

Why don't they just delay it and release a PC version with Full Multiplayer in 2009 with the rest of the versions. Do it Lucasarts it will save you from the Thousands if not a couple Million of your own fans that hate you for not making a PC version of the game.

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[email protected]3764d ago

Oh, man that sucks... I'm going to wait a little after the release date just to read gamer reviews and some site reviews to keeo my money on the safe site.

GametimeUK3764d ago

but this game will suck... (hopefully not)

SmokingMonkey3764d ago

i just wish the light saber would cut people in half not just the trees. more light saber bashing....again.

gogators3764d ago

I am really hoping this game turns out, but if they are trying to cut corners then I am getting worried. We haven't had a decent star wars game in awhile. I just don't see way a company would short change such a promising title. Reviews will need to be looked at closely before I'll buy.

Polluted3764d ago

I'm sure if they let people go it was for a good reason. It's not like poor little Lucasarts can't afford to pay a few extra devs until September. Maybe they're ahead of schedule.

WIIIS13764d ago

This game looks to be a potentially great one regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.