[Update] Ubisoft Targets Fixes For Four Common Assassin's Creed Unity Issues In Next Patch

Yesterday, we discussed some of the problems that Assassin's Creed Unity players are encountering while playing. Ubisoft has issued a statement regarding the matter, identifying four items that will be in the next patch.

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ManAnimalX2451d ago

Gamers need to say, "No, im sorry, I've given you enough chances Ubisoft. That's the ONLY way things like this would cease to happen from Publishers.

But we know, this will never happen. Why? Us. The Gamers as a whole(some would yes), will not unite under basic common sense and a stand for basic fairness and value for $$dollar.

Nope. won't happen.....I challenge You.

InTheZoneAC2451d ago

I'm not buying Rogue because it's not on ps4, I know it'll be there eventually so I'm holding out on the ps3 version.

And I'm not getting AC:U because of ubi's bs. I'm still debating if I'm even picking up FC4 even though 3 was great.

Deividas2451d ago

Ubisoft can make some great games at times and they release a lot of titles that I fully enjoy. Will I be upset if the game performs under whats expected? Yes I will and will be out there picketing as well with all of you. But if they manage to fix the issues in a timely fashion, I will go ahead and enjoy the game. Personally I am not going to miss out on a title that I can have a lot of fun with just because you want to "stick it to the man".

Just a personally opinion though, what the hell do I know. And this is coming from someone who bought AC Unity on you have got to know what Im dealing with at this point. But the game looks fun so I am just waiting for the fixes before I continue. All ready have Far Cry 4 Pre-loaded and ready to go. Just waiting for the green light.

r1sh122451d ago

@devidas I think youre missing the point here, its not just about 'sticking it to the man' but how can you buy something faulty on day one?
If you went and purchased a car, that didnt brake would you try and get a refund.

Same goes for games, developers should be giving money back to customers if they release broken products. In the UK there is legislation coming for this.

Now for Assassins creed Unity - If you have played it, you know its a complete mess, they removed the entire formula that made assassins creed great.
The entire story arc makes no sense.

Im not stopping you from enjoying games you want to buy with your money, but you have to understand companies cant sell broken products and not get reprimanded.
Hows it fair?

Deividas2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )


I hope you didnt just compare a $20,000 investment with a life threatening fault to a $50 game with some

Also no one is forcing anyone here to buy the game. If you dont like the company, dont buy their games. Or better yet, if you have some concerns, wait a couple days till you see how the game pans out and then decide if you want to buy it. Its not hard.

And I do get the point of the whole broken product and not supporting it thing. I do. But you cant tell people what to do and say "oh dont buy the game cause the company sucks" I like Ubisoft's games and 95% of the time I get a lot of fun out them so Im gonna keep buying them. Does it suck the game isnt running up to par? Yea. Are they fixing it? Yes so im okay and patiently waiting and then go ahead and enjoy MY $50 that I spent.

Gohadouken2451d ago

Some of the people trying to instill guilt and shame among those buying such games , got no business lecturing anyone ... considering their past and recent purchase .

They play even more milked and abused franchises , with baffling issues (such as no dedicated servers + built in lag in most cod of the decade , or a Fifa with shoved down everyone's throat autolog that doesnt even work , just like uplay ), almost every year ... and they have the gall to tell me i should boycott stuff for the sake of gamers and gaming ?

Well good luck with that

Baka-akaB2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I will not suffer anymore for "social justice" ... especially when those offended now , didnt mind being a launching pad for dlc abuses and the current state of things .

If a game is buggy yet i find it enjoyable , and part of if can actually be fixed , it wont be any different than the countless amount of other buggy enjoyable games from the past .

Why should i be riled up , because this one time , you guys wanna riot after so many free passes for other games and publishers ?

Sure some people buying those games are clueless and victims , but some others just dont care beyond their own need

InTheZoneAC2451d ago

framerate issues and other technical bs wasn't caught before they released the game? ok...

N4GDgAPc2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I do agree with u but also seems lot of the problems is because of dump uplay. U never know how a game is going to be on the network till released. That's why a lot of MMO,s have major problems on release. Seems like turning it off fixes some bugs. So there is a small chance they didn't know about some bugs.

PersonMan2451d ago

I'm sure lots of people are playing it and having a great time.

Also, for anyone who doesn't know... this game was not made in a year... it's been in development for 3 years. Just because they have AC games released every year, doesn't mean the same team is working on each one. Unity was 3 years in the making.

droc11232451d ago

It's not the frame rate that is giving me problems I'm having problems with controlling the character I will be running and then the character just stops I hit up on the joystick again and he does not move then I hit up on the joystick again and he moves a little bit then stops again and this goes on and on during the game. at first I thought it was my controller but I used another controller as well as played other games with both controllers and it works fine it seems to be assassins creed unity that is the problem I'm not even sure UBisoft is aware of this problem because it was not fixed in the newest update. I am completely frustrated and the game right now is completely unplayable I'm just curious if anyone else is having the same issue I am.

PaleMoonDeath2451d ago

Sort the damned FPS, whenever I roam the streets it's a rocky ride, just stick to free running on top of the roof tops until then.

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