Diablo 3 In First Person

It is as good as confirmed - Diablo 3 will be announced over the weekend. And add this to your list of rumours, it will contain the option for a first person view.

There is an argument for the original style of the Diablo franchise to be retained. More recent games such as Titan Quest has sucessfully pulled off the feat, but it is one of few. The most successful combination has been in games such as Dawn Of War and Company Of Heroes, where you can zoom in to a soldier level. Hellgate: London was touted as a first person Diablo but failed to live up to expectations, more through execution than concept. And it was the first person Diablo that got people excited. Isomietic certainly doesn't seem to work within this style of game. The smart money is on a first person view option from an isometric view.

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Rick Astley3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Well I hope it's an option because I seriously would not buy it if it was another god-damned FPS.

AllroundGamer3770d ago

i would still like Diablo 3 to be in 2d even if it isn't next gen.

Charlie26883770d ago

They can still make it 3D and not loose a single thing about the aspect of the original just look at Titan Quest, I think the key thing would be to maintain the isometric perspective and not force a 3rd person like with Hellgate

AllroundGamer3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

i played Titan Quest for about 4 hours, but i didn't like it so much and i think the use of physics was unnecessary, because it looked weird how the enemies went flying after you killed them. You can call me oldschool, but i would prefer the same graphics like Diablo1/2 only with new levels, story, enemies and items, because i still think the Diablo games were the closest being a "perfect game".

Charlie26883770d ago

sadly its VERY unlikely that is ever gonan happened with all the "moving to new tech" devs have been doing and still Titan Quest is THE best example of now to bring the Diablo formula to the new gens and remain old school (Hell Gate being the opposite -_-)

I am confused how exactly were enemies flying? they reacted exactly like Diablo 2 unless you used one for the mega spells (that actually had realistic physics) but with only 4 hours into the game Id doubt you even saw one of those, the game was even criticized for being WAY to old school

I am surprised if you are a Diablo fans that you didn't liked Titan Quest since in the Diablo community the game was highly prised as the "Diablo 2.5" and "the Diablo 3 before the Diablo 3"

mariusmal3770d ago

i played dungeon siege and it has gorgeous graphics and 3d and still mantains hte isometric view like diablo had.

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Xi3770d ago

but i think it would look best if it was the same style as the witcher.

nirun3770d ago

i really don't know what to expect. If you aren't sure what the graphics will look like, look at starcraft 2. i don't see them straying too far away from that engine.

starcraft 2 engine + new classes + new items = 1 reborn diablo addict ;D

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The story is too old to be commented.