Sony's Latest Email Campaign - The PlayStation Fully Loaded Contest

The PlayStation Fully Loaded Give-away
Their biggest prize ever

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XboxOneX1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I am going to enter :) Good luck to ALL that enter.

SquidBuck1588d ago

nice stealth edit :P btw I disagreed

ftwrthtx1587d ago

What was said before the edit? I missed it.

TerminalGamer1588d ago

Awesome for them. US needs this as well.

TheOnlyMastrx1588d ago

Agreed, but US should be randomly selected winner. Fastest time is useless, someone can surely cheat to win, I don't know how, but they will.

JimmyDM901588d ago

Playstation makes the U.S. ( me) feel like Europe's less important younger brother with all these deals and better PS3 ps plus games.

Me: " Why does Europe always get all the bundles?"
Mama Sony: "Because he's older and he chips in more around the house. Now go brush your teeth."

-Foxtrot1588d ago

Well lets be honest Sony usually give better things to the US the majority of the time

We pay more for our games aswell and then pay more for CE when they usually have missing content.

1588d ago
Fullmetalevolust1588d ago

I tried to play it, it's only for selected countries. U.S. isn't one of them :(

PizzaSteve1587d ago

I still entered anyway. You never know they might ship to US if you win.

Fullmetalevolust1587d ago

Lol, I did too. Shhhhhh! hehe

-Foxtrot1588d ago

You know someone is going to figure out a smart arse way to do this

It's the scrolling down for me, I know what they are it's actually seeing which one of the 3/4 choices is the right one.

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