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Sonic Boom: Rise Of The Lyric Review | IGN

The latest Sonic game on the Wii U get's reviewed by IGN..........and the score isn't impressive.

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Community3539d ago
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SegaGamer3539d ago
SegaGamer3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

The gameplay on the level they were playing actually looked pretty fun. But the choppyness is pretty bad, every move you make it's choppy.

Sonic seems to be running pretty slow too. Where is the speed of the day levels of Sonic Unleashed and Generations ?

Based on what i seen of the game i think it looks quite fun with a few issues. The people playing the game just sound like they are trying to sound cool and don't sound like they are fans of Platformers at all.

My main problem is that it doesn't look like a Sonic game, but if it was any other platform game it looks like i would enjoy it so i could probably get into the game.

This is why i don't like reviews and prefer to judge things for myself. The people reviewing the game just don't sound interested, they think they are funny when they aren't.

Abash3539d ago

"Sonic is slow and you play as his friends" might be one of the most unappealing sentences I've ever written, but it neatly sums up my experience with Rise of Lyric."

Uh what? How are Sonic's friends being playable even related to the reason the game is terrible when the overall design and tech behind it is at fault?

A traditional Sonic game needs Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow at the very least should be made because their abilities with normal Sonic gameplay would be great and return the Sonic series to proper form

-Foxtrot3539d ago

I said this was going to be shit and I was criticized to death

"Oh it was some people from ND in the team"
"You need to play it to actually say that"
"It looks great, the team are really good"

Blah blah blah...and here we are

Just because a team has one or two people from a well respected, amazing developer dosen't mean that entire studio are going to pump out the same kind of quality game.

Keep ruining Sonic Sega

Metallox3539d ago

"You need to play it to actually say that"

Well, to be fair you need to play it, BUT, the game is a horrble mess technically speaking. Frame rate is terrible, textures are awful, the whole presentation is so bad and co-op turns off the shadow effects.

So, in short words, you can't defend this abomination.

SilentNegotiator3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Yeah, but fanboys were really downplaying the tell tale signs. You don't need to play every game to tell if they're bad or not.

sonic9893539d ago

Said the same thing then I got labelled as a wiiu hater just for that reason.
Honestly I am not a nintendo fan am a sony fan.
Sonic is what I love most in the whole industry because of all the good memories I have with the franchise.
Sonic boom in my opinion could have done a lot of things right by fixing the designs and adding actual combo variety system to the combat also ironing out the glitches.
And finally staying true to the franchise the change that they made in this game is radical to say the least its more like a tmnt game than a sonic game again they could have pulled it out way better than what big red button did which is a wasted to chance.

Starbucks_Fan3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

The next Sonic 06.

Sonic 06 got a better score btw hahaha

Swiggins3539d ago

Can't wait for Youtubers to start lets playing this and tear it apart...the Game Grumps have already started.

zero_gamer3539d ago

Thought that game was bad, this looks even worse. When will SEGA release Sonic Generations 2? Generations is the only time they've gotten a 3D Sonic game right since Adventure 2.

No_Limit3539d ago

Dang...what was the last Sonic game that actually received a good score? Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast maybe?

Sega need to make a better attempt next time as Sonic is becoming irrelevant for a while now except when he is a guest star in a Mario game.

ironfist923539d ago

Sonic Generations just 3 years ago...

zero_gamer3539d ago

God must have performed some miracle with Generations... The only Sonic game in 3D SEGA got right since Adventure 2.

SegaGamer3539d ago

As a big Sonic fan i don't agree.

I actually think the hate aimed at Sonic games is over the top. The amount of complaints about glitches is over exaggerated too. I have been playing Sonic games since i got into gaming and only Sonic 2006 had really frustrating glitches.

The glitches you see in Sonic games are no worse than gliches you see in games that get really high scores when reviewed

Games like GTA, Saints Row, CoD, Assassins Creed, Fable. I have seen massive amounts of glitches in these games and they still get scored highly by reviewers. People just like to nitpick when it comes to Sonic games.

LightDiego3539d ago

Sonic Colors and Generations are good. Lost World is okay, not so bad.

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OhReginald3539d ago

who buys this shit ? seriously? Why is sonic still alive? wtf?

zero_gamer3539d ago

At least Sonic was alive for Sonic Generations.

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Top 10 Worst Sonic Games

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "I’m a huge fan of the series and love to talk about its best games… but its hard to argue that it’s all been great for the blue blur. From games that were loaded with glitches, slow-paced gameplay, and visuals that look more like a blue blur of… pixels and polygons. So, take this as a warning to avoid these 10 worst Sonic games of all time."

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Community1051d ago
Fntastic1051d ago

Never played any of these on this list, surprised Sonic R isn't there, but then i played that on my first PC and didn't think it was that bad, got some mild enjoyment out of it at least.

-Hermit-1051d ago

Lost World, Black Knight, Forces and Chronicles should not be on that list, I can easily think of worse.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Eraser, Sonic R, these are all way worse than the games on this list. Knuckles Chaotix was terrible as well, I hated the way you had to control the players, it was a pain in the ass. Even games like Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball and Rivals 1 and 2 which I thought were decent were worse than some of the games on this list.

To be brutally honest, most of the Game Gear and Master System Sonic games are pretty awful too. Sonic Chaos on the Game Gear for example, you can't even see what you are doing because the field of view is so bad.

I would rather play Sonic 06 than any of the games I listed above, and that game is classed as the worst Sonic game of the lot.

People have nostalgia glasses on when they think about old 2D Sonic games. Outside of the mainline games on the Mega Drive, most of them were worse than the modern day 3D games.