DirectX 12 Will Not Be Supported By Windows 7

DirectX 12 promises both dramatically increased performance in games, thanks to reduced CPU overhead and better support for multithreading, and significantly reduced power consumption, a real boon for owners of gaming laptops. It will of course be built into Windows 10 and compatible with Windows 8 as well, but the news isn't so good for Windows 7 diehards.

d_g3509d ago

R.I.P Windows 7

it was fantastic OS

SegaGamer3509d ago

To me it is the best of the lot and there is no way i am upgrading to Windows 10 any time soon. I can't be bothered with the constant changing. If DirectX 12 won't be coming out on Windows 7 then i will deal with it because there is no chance i am changing my OS, i'm sick of doing it.

darthv723509d ago

At least until a new graphics card or game comes out that requires DX12...

yeah Sega, been there before. you can only hold out for so long before you just bite the bullet and upgrade. hopefully by that time the bugs are worked out of the OS.

incidentally...windows 8.1 is so much better than 8 and i would even go on a limb and say it rivals 7. Personally my favorite was 98 but game support and graphic driver support gave up on that a long time ago. much like my consoles...i keep a couple of older PC's around for generation specific games that do not work on modern PC's.

Especially my games that support 3dfx GLide.

radler3509d ago

Hahaha, Microsoft are desperate to get people to upgrade from Windows 7. Remember when they used Halo 2 to try to get people to upgrade to the crappy Windows Vista, saying it had DX requirements that the old OS couldn't handle? Didn't take long for people to realize they were lying and patch the game themselves.

Screw Microsoft, I'm sticking with Windows 7.

xPhearR3dx3509d ago

This personally doesn't bother me. I know I'm probably one of the few, but I couldn't stand Windows 7. It wasn't Vista bad, but I much prefer W8 over 7. I know people love the start menu, but I found it to be a very outdated system. I can find and multitask much faster on W8 than I ever could on 7.

GameNameFame3509d ago

Or takes tons of time before dx12 gets adopted.

Not many devs will use dx12 knowing only smallest user base will take advantage of them.

Same thing happened with dx11

kreate3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

The problem here is... If i get a windows 10, the year after a windows 12 will come out.....

Wtf Microsoft...

Most likely will require a yearly subscription. Like what happened to Microsoft office.

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3-4-53509d ago

Windows 8.1 is awesome, not sure why people are afraid to upgrade.

What happened to windows 9 ?

Are they just too cool for that or something ?

Windows 7 was pretty solid though...

Muzikguy3509d ago

From what I understand Microsoft is trying to go for a mass appeal and to integrate all aspects into windows (phone, tablet, etc). If they did just a base as 10, they could start using other things to differentiate, sort of like what Apple is doing. Also I heard they want to skip a number to show it's a completely revamped OS. Who knows, this kind of stuff oftentimes makes no sense

swice3509d ago

I think it had to do with something about the coding for windows 98 somewhere….
something about the programmers shortening it to "windows9", or something to that effect, in the coding.

for whatever reason, it would be too much of a headache for them to release the actual windows 9 with the shortened 98 coding in their database. Thus they just went straight to 10

i really don't understand it, but that's what I've heard, very roughly interpreted.

ninjahunter3509d ago

Its great, if your not an advanced user. not that it cant be used by advanced users, it just adds some extra clicks that shouldn't be there.

SegaGamer3509d ago

I'm not afraid to upgrade, i'm just fed up with installing a new OS. I have had my current PC since 2009 and i don't think i have gone a year without installing a new OS.

I'm tired of moving all my important files and then moving them back, i'm tired of re-installing things i had on my old computer, i'm tired of running into errors on a new OS when i didn't have those problems on a previous OS. I'm tired of going on the internet looking for solutions to get things to work on a new OS.

It's boring, time consuming and just a massive pain in the ass.

This is why i won't upgrade to Windows 8, i just can't be bothered anymore. It's not worth the hassle.

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kevnb3509d ago

I already went out and bought a ps4, I'm not going any further than windows 7. It's osx and console from now on.

user56695103509d ago

I guess now I got no choice but to update my rig to w8. I'm just gonna pirate 8 til 10 come out not gonna buy 8 when I already have it. Its not bad but its just annoying . I wait for w10

Gamer19823508d ago

Erm this is like OLD news we were told at W8 launch it was exclusive to W8..

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Rearden3509d ago

Not a surprise, Microsoft has always used DirectX as a way of getting gamers to upgrade to a new version of Windows.

Illusive_Man3509d ago

You should upgrade regardless. Windows 7 is a resource hog.

Muzikguy3509d ago

This is very true, and probably why I've bought so many computers in my time. I'd say I'm not upgrading, but I probably will. I do hate how they only have DirectX working with certain versions to force people to upgrade. I might just stop after this next one though. I'm really just tired of all the upgrades. I think my favorite was XP even though it had its problems too

xx4xx3509d ago

Yep. Pretty shocking that business would want to sell new products.

SegaGamer3509d ago

Which is fine, but they shouldn't try and force us to upgrade.

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ATi_Elite3509d ago

Come on guys typical MS practice to get you to buy a new OS.

I just hope Dx12 is as good as advertised and that Windows 10 is as good as Win7

Heck just put some new paint on Win7 and call it 10 for all I care.

sinspirit3509d ago

It better not restrict my permission like 7 and 8 do. I've had to set security options for my hard drive and files dozens of times because all of a sudden the administrator, me, can't download a file, install a game, or even move folders around because I have to give myself full control, but even though I do give myself full control it doesn't work, so I have to put "everyone" as the owner over and over. Oh, and now I can't install .NET framework 3.5 on W8 for.. no reason. It doesn't help that Windows update takes two hours when I manually search for an update just to tell me there is none. I'm pretty sick of Windows being so restricting and consistently bringing up these issues. For some reason I have two different menus for when I alt+tab. When the only sites I go to are trusted anime/manga sites, trusted gaming sites, Youtube, Facebook, GMail, and the only things I download are from Steam it makes it really frustrating that there is no real option to get rid of these restriction errors for advanced users. How an OS that has hundreds and hundreds of developers and an exceptionally huge amount of revenue is still broken I'll never know why these guys clearly don't address things that actual experience with Windows would have exposed.

Muzikguy3509d ago

Yes! These are issues I'm sick of dealing with as well! I also hated some of the stuff they brought into 7. There's times I feel like I'm an idiot because past things that were so easy aren't as easy now. I don't like how when I move my cursor somewhere the window I was just in disappears, I don't like how things automatically "snap" to full screen when you move them, I don't like how the "Library" is set up... It's just frustrating. If I wanted all my files to show up in one place I'd put them all in the same folder. How they set up games is 7 is confusing too. There's 2 different program files folders and then "Games" and "My Games". Something like that anyway

zero_gamer3509d ago

Windows 10's start menu is closer to Windows 7's than Windows 8's metro. Of course there are tiles on the side and MS won't do away with them it seems, but at least the traditional start menu is back.

I am currently running Windows 10 on a spare PC. Mind you this is just an early developer version.