GamePro: Backbreaker Preview

Backbreaker, for now, rides on the strength of its gimmick. But it's an admittedly good gimmick: recently released trailer, showed a lone runner dashing upfield past a horde of enemy defenders. It remains to be seen, too, if Backbreaker will live up to its name in terms of injuries. But it's hoped the game will include them-as well as the football staples.

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NO_PUDding3793d ago

It's not a gimmick, unless it's only applied to effects of tackinling.

I was under the impression people dived with Euphoria powering them, that will make it game-centric.

lsujester3793d ago

I have to admit the tackle demonstrations have been awesome so far, but until I see some actual gameplay video and not glorified tech demos, I refuse to be excited for this game.

I mean, what good is Euphoria if the game plays like NFL Fever?