Teenagers Go On New York Crime Spree; Blame GTA

A group of New York teenagers went on a crime spree that involved mugging and robbery and blamed their actions on the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

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Rick Astley3770d ago

Why do I get the feeling that Jack Thompson is behind this? :|

pharmd3770d ago

they can "blame" whatever they want, the fact is they still need to be held accountable for their actions.....

Rick Astley3770d ago

Of course, but Jack Thompson paid them to do it.

Hydrolex3770d ago

he blamed Terrorist.

The president isn't in trouble so Rockstar will be fine.

Don't blame your STUPID Jobs on others.

n00bzRtehgey3770d ago

Hydrolix has a brain after all!!!!

It's true. The Bush Regime planned 9/11 for the fake oil war in Iraq.

Anyone who disagrees is a brainwashed slave.

Genesis53770d ago

How about blaming it on them being complete idiots.

Jim Crowslaw3770d ago

Why New York? Take that dumbsh*t bak to the south....stay outta my city!!

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stupid kid using GTA as there excuse.

KingItachi3770d ago

I agree with you. these damn kids now a days.

Silogon3770d ago

When I do something stupid I always blame my actions on Star Voyager for the nes. It heavily traumatised me.

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The story is too old to be commented.