Shacknews: Call of Duty - World at War First Look

Shacknews writes: "While I've always enjoyed a good Call of Duty campaign, Infinity Ward's fourth entry really stood out for its wide variety of missions. Escaping a capsizing ship, sneaking through Chernobyl for a quick assassination, driving a tank or hovering above in an AC130 gunship--the game was constantly varying the environments and the scenarios, keeping things fresh in an otherwise stagnant format.

So the most encouraging thing I can say about Call of Duty: World at War is that, according to a Treyarch representative, this formula will continue in full. Though we're back in World War II, there will still be Ghillie Suit-style setpieces, in addition to two vastly different battlefields; players will control both a US marine in the Pacific theater and a Russian soldier on the Eastern Front."

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Rick Astley3766d ago

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will113765d ago

Call of Duty.. ZzZzZzZzZzZz..

TiKiMaN13765d ago

It will be interesting to see how this new COD turns out. Perhaps...and I know this asking a lot after Call of Duty 3...maybe just maybe we should give Treyarch the benefit of the doubt.