What Has Happened to Final Fantasy Dissidia?

Final Fantasy Dissidia, supposed to be a great game for the PSP was coming along swimmingly, but now things have completely dried up. New information has just been release via some interviews in Famitsu and Dengeki along with a trailer, which didn't really reveal anything new, but considering the game was playable at Jump Festa, how can it still only be 50% complete? What gives?

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Rick Astley3770d ago

I cannot stand impatient people, especially everyone that's new to the Final Fantasy series and this whole waiting thing that Square-Enix puts us through. Square-Enix didn't make a name for themselves by releasing rushed garbage like Mistwalker Studios.

theusedfake3770d ago

That's one fight I never thought I'd see.

Looks really fun.

alster233770d ago

last i heard it was half way done

INehalemEXI3770d ago

It looks good so far and its Square Enix were talking about here notoriously tight lips... Closed mega theaters and what not.

Harry1903770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

to the parttttttttaayyy aren't you.
I haven't read the article.

Sephiroth is stronger than your brother.

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The story is too old to be commented.