Rumor: My GamerPad: Microsoft's answer to Home?

Absolutely no way of verifying the authenticity of this, but it's definitely interesting enough to be discussed.

Over the on the 4Chan boards a user has put up an image of what appears to be the Xbox 360's version of "Home", also incorporating the Avatars that were rumored earlier this month.

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Condoleezza Rice3818d ago

Then this is the desperate move VG24/7 was talking about

power of Green 3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Not saying whats in this news post is real but MSFT has been working on something in simulation for over 2 years before PS3 even launched.

"Virtual Me Xbox 360 Simulation To Be Announced"

^^ been there before I even heard of Home before it was even announced not to mention being there before PS3 even launched. lol

EDIT: You're missunderstanding my point that this simulation project is not a last minute reaction to the competition when it comes to this generation. No need for PS3 fan reasoning and logic.

3818d ago
Condoleezza Rice3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

The desperation isn't in Microsoft blatantly copying Mii+Home and fusing them together;It's in the fact that such an App would make it's way to the console this late into it's life,thus,appearing as a 'last-minute' effort to counter what Nintendo have brought and what Sony are about to bring.

Frankly,the chances of success of this(Again,if real)are slim;The core problem lies in the way XBL works,that is,in the way the service delivers information and new content.

Edit:Interesting,but there's no doubt the existence of this App is a result of fear that the Playstation Home Service will become the standard and leading 3D Gamer Environment.

f7897903818d ago

Or you lose sales. Basic idea there. I'm guessing the 360 fanboys are going to be feeling what the PS3 fanboys felt when Bioshock was announced for the PS3. If they say "yay" they are hypocrites. If they say its stupid then their stupid.

C_SoL3818d ago

It goes with Mircosoft's toyish style. HAHA.... I really hope this is not serious cause from what i see in this pic, IT'S A JOKE. Waste of money Mircosoft. They could be feeding children in Africa. I really hate Microsoft's desperate ways.

kevoncox3818d ago

On 1 hand it's good to have an option to match Ps3's home feature.

On the other, this looks to be worst than home. I'm not excited about home, and I am laughing at this!

Sony wins because disinterest is better than me mocking their product!

Condoleezza Rice3818d ago

The funny thing is,this App might actually be linked to the Newton Controller we keep hearing about,i.e The Controller is primarily designed to work with this service.

That would clearly be a bad business decision on Microsofts part,because as a person with a 360,I don't see myself purchasing the Newton.

power of Green 3818d ago

The *so called* desperate news could be anything from MSFT getting a major PS3 exclusive to the *Newton*. Seems to be too many PS3 fans in here.

aaquib53818d ago

I'm not sure. Copy cat, yes, that's for sure. If they can have better features than Home + release it earlier, then they may have a winner on their hands. It's not like they have many games this year..Might as well get a 3D service instead..

zer0man13818d ago

Did you read the article in your link, because it says "EA AND ENDEMOL ANNOUNCE CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP FOR VIRTUAL ME". It does not say "Virtual Me Xbox 360 Simulation" like you posted.

Microsoft has nothing to do with developing Virtual Me, so what was your point?

Condoleezza Rice3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

^ Exactly,it could also be this new App,"My GamerPad".

The real question at this point is whether or not Microsoft will be Charging a Fee for this App.If the likely answer is yes-they will be Charging,then the chances of success for this have just gone down another few Steps.

heavyarms3818d ago

really, it wasnt desperation when sony announced home, lol, get your head out of sony's 4ss. I can see thru fool

pimpstation3818d ago

My Gamerpad? That is the single gayest thing I've ever heard of. What the hell is a gamerpad?

Tomdc3817d ago

copying sure, but whats the problem with that? I doubt it will be as good as home anyway. Last year microsoft said after seeing home they were planning on doing something similar.

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Real gamer 4 life3818d ago

This does not look like is going to be better then home.

Kyur4ThePain3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Yeah. It looks like they might just deliver another rushed product to say "we were first".
But hey, who knows. Maybe they could add some unexpected features that would make Sony work even harder on Home.

power of Green 3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

How do you know that? are you basing your opinion on the family friendly fun and inviting art style?.

EDIT: You're missunderstanding my point that this simulation project is not a last minute reaction to the competition when it comes to this generation.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3818d ago

PlayStation Home as been in development ever since 2005 unless Microsoft was doing the same thing, they have a lot of ahead of them before release.

Home is like a persistant online game there is usually a lot of work to be done before releasing a game like that.

jwatt3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

There is nothing wrong with copying when you take the original idea and take it even further. With that said I don't think this is true even if it is, it won't be out for a while. This stuff takes time just like an actual game, where talking about a 3d online space here. Unless MS had this in development for a long time which would be a big coincident.

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i hate microsoft, why can't they just do something original for once?! copying scumbags

power of Green 3818d ago

I thought I just seen you in the PS3 ingame XMB threads and the PS3 video service threads?.

mintaro3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Achievements(trophies) Console hardrives!

No need to get all offended, this industry is based on taking good ideas and using them to improve conosles, games, etc

Time_Is_On_My_Side3818d ago

The same thing happens with cell phone companies, just look at the iPhone. Once that was released a whole bunch of phones were released with touch screens.

damrightfresh3818d ago

Microsoft is known as copying too..seriously xbrick fanboys cant be talking down on Sony..Just look at MiCRYosoft..

A lot of video here

e-ray3818d ago

no, not at all. You whiners (fanboys of all system) need to realize that this is the essence of competition. Take away your opponent's advantages to highlight your own strengths rather than shortcomings. If you can come up with something new, then that's definitely all for the better.

I'm not calling anyone names, but sure, people copy each other if it's what they have to do to survive. If people like certain features, why would you not want to implement those features on your system? It's the nature of the business, get over it.

lsujester3818d ago

Every company copies some things. They have to in order to appease the consumers who are being shortchanged, and to gain new people with their "new" tech or app. Sony is adding "Live-like" features to XMB, MS added HDMI and may even add Avatars or their own "Home", Nintendo finally realized online play was expected of them and is at least trying. It's just the way things work, and always will with competition.

-- Some One Plays... how ironic is that touch screen cellphones populate now that the iPhone has made its way into many pockets, when the iPhone itself is mostly things that Apple themselves and others like LG had done previously rolled up into one package.

SlyGuy3818d ago

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Yes, it may stifle innovation, but I think intense competition between Sony and Microsoft will create such needed innovation.

AngryHippo3818d ago

....get over it. Microsoft, nintendo AND SONY as well.

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predator3818d ago

what would really take the biscuit is if this comes out before HOME.

would i use HOME = maybe

would i use this - maybe

would i like Sony and MS to concertrate on getting more games = yes

edhe3818d ago

Being the software centric company they are i reckon they could get it out before home.. Even if it's not feature-exhaustive on release.

3818d ago