Sony agrees to replace defective PS3s ( Taiwan )

After the intervention of the Cabinet's Consumer Protection Commission, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has agreed to replace PlayStation 3 game consoles if they have "serious defects," according to the Central News Agency. The commission was cited by CNA as saying that some of the PS3 game consoles launched in Taiwan had defects such as a tendency to overheat or jammed memory cards.
After a recent meeting between the commission and Sony, the vendor has agreed to replace PS3 game consoles that are determined to have "serious defects," CNA said.

According to CNA, Sony has so far replaced two PS3 game consoles that had problems with the power switches.

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shikwan4346d ago

'SERIOUS'. And that's deemed by Sony. If it overheats and shuts off/freezes, that's not serious. But if it overheats and causes a fire, they'll replace it. lol

Capt CHAOS4346d ago

'Serious fault', Man, that's lame.

If I bought a console, and if it had ANY fault, I'd expect it to be replaced. This isn't some burger that didn't taste as nice it should have done, it's a piece of consumer electronic and should work flawlesly (minus software glitches and bugs that can be rectified).

calderra4346d ago

Microsoft not only replaced 360s usualy regardless of issue, often regardless of whether you bought the warranty or not, and frequently beyond people's warranties anyway, but also overnighted a box to you, overnighted it back, and some Core customers even got free hard drives.

Sony? Not so much, apparently.

nambo4346d ago

Have there been a lot of issues with the PS3? I’ve been to 4 store locations to check out the PS3 kiosk, but in one location the PS3 was frozen and the other 3 were off.

MicroGamer4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

because they were broken. It seems to be a common problem among the store demo units, that they break quickly, and that is in spite of the PS3 having a cooling fan 6 inches across blowing on a massive heatpipe inside. It doesn't bode well for the units sold to customers if the store demo units, which have to be a bit hardier because of constant use and abuse in a retail environment, are burning up at the rate that they are.

Tut4345d ago

That is neat how in my area it is the exact opposite. Not flaming or anything but every single gaming store in my town (and I have visited them ALL this past weekend) has burnt out 360's that have been inactive for a ridiculously long time, playable PS3's that are working just fine, and enclosed Wii's just replaying a demo-disc instead of allowing people to try the controller out and whatnot. There is one working 360 demo console in my town though and that is at BestBuy, no one ever plays it while I am there though. They seriously need to change the demo game on it. I think it is the 2k release from last year. It's too bad they can't put Gears up as a demo game, M rating with the kids running around! =(

No one has reported any problems regarding the PS3 in my area that I know of (and I ask a lot), except for there aren't enough of them. The PS3 hype died down for now, though, so that makes me a little happier.

PS3n3604345d ago

2 units? thats it? People seem to be blowing failure rates out of proportion for the PS3. The demo pods dont count in my mind since those are not your typical home setup. There doesnt seem to be wide spread failure and I would even conceed that its well below average rates for new technology. So to Sony I say good job especially the integrated power and low noise(apparently). I am still not interested in one since my 360 is fulfilling my gaming needs but damn people find something better to jump on like say a girlfriend.

power of Green 4345d ago

I find that people that give strangers love advice more than likely have none in their lives.

PS3n3604345d ago

I have been happily married for 9 years and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Not to mention my xbox 360, My life is full of love but thank you for your concern. In the future I will leave the advice for lonely gamers out. The main point of my post was supposed to be that us xbox fans shouldn't jump at every opportunity to bash Sony but to be selective fair and truthful or we just come off as "desperate" to the sony boys. I like to think of us as intelligent unbiased gamers unlike many sony fanboys like BRUTUS who fight to the death for a piece of plastic with wires and chips.

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