Wii gets Castlevania fighter: Details on Castlevania Judgement

More news is flooding out of the latest Nintendo Power and this time it's Castlevania. A Castlevania Wii game has been rumored for months now, but most had never considered a Castlevania fighting title; this latest game seems like a spinoff rather than the typical Castlevania games we're accustomed to. Dracula, Simon, Alucard, Shanoa, and Maria Renard are the confirmed characters thus far in addition to holy water, magic spells, dagger and boomerang being classic subweapons. Movement is handled with the nunchuck and the Wiimote is used for basic attacks. There's some other encouraging news as well - Classic Castlevania tunes will be remixed and in full throtle in Casltevania Judgement. Also, in the game, the player can set traps and destroy environments; expect enemies to cause havoc in battle, too.

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Delriach5083d ago

Ok... this is incredibly random as a game. Alucard though... that's a pretty tempting character to play as.

player9115083d ago

I think Castlevania as a fighting game is a slap in the face. what a lame idea.

Rick Astley5083d ago

TERRIBLE idea. Jesus Christ man leave Castlevania alone.

whateveryousay5083d ago

Gotta give it a chance though

Palodios5083d ago

Well, the problem is Konami has very little experience with fighting games, and the ones they have made have been poor at best. Fans of the series weren't exactly looking for a completely different game using their characters.

whateveryousay5083d ago

I'm sorry, but castlevania and fighting games are both my favorites. I can't pass this up

Odiah5083d ago

I fricking hate Simon. Game might be alright though.

Silogon5083d ago

Man that looks like a ps2 game, oh wait it's on the wii. Nevermind.

ChickeyCantor5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

WTF is your point in posting anyway ? really?

" so leave your fanboyism at the door please"
where the mods at? XD

Voiceofreason5083d ago

Yes that one compressed screen shot shows so much detail..

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The story is too old to be commented.