GTA V First Person Mode Car Crash GIF Is Truly Horrifying; Info About Radio Stations And More Leaked

GearNuke: "Crashing your car does look horrifying in first person mode in GTA V."

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Mega241436d ago

I'm against remastered and HD versions, but I bought GTAV again. Couldn't help myself, wonder how much the experience will change in first person. Crash looks terrifying indeed.

TLG19911436d ago

to be fair they have never said its remastered. they just say its a next gen release. and they are using the power available.

Mega241436d ago

I guess you're right, me and my friends will have tons of fun this time, since last gen we were mixed btwn 360 and ps3. This time were all on ps4!

StrawberryDiesel4201436d ago

When the game was first promoted on tv last year, it looked like the next gen versions. This was always planned.

mikeslemonade1436d ago

First person camera just makes the game look more ugly. So much for a remaster then..

AliTheSnake11436d ago

Being Against HD remasters is nonsense.
All the people who never played the remastered games for whatever reason, maybe they switched from a console to the other. Now can play it.
I'd replay games like the uncharted series and god of war if they were ever remastered for PS4. You will get to play excellent games at higher quality, and you'll get trophies.

You might think that remasters will take developer's time, and that they could be making a new game instead. It Doesn't take their time. They usually outsource it to a new studio/group , who gains experience on the system, while developing the remastered games.

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ArchangelMike1436d ago

Same here. I was againt getting it again, but my goodness - Rockstar have outdone themselves. I'm now getting this instead of AssUnity :)

lipton1011436d ago

I wish I had your patience. I had some money burning a hole in my pocket so I picked up a new copy of unity... Mistake. Wish I'd've bought used because now I'm going to get raped in trade in value because it's open...

ShadowKing-1436d ago

@lipton, put that on on craigs list for 40 bucks someone will jump on it, maybe even more, of course not full price but at least you get most of your money back on it.

Mr Logic1436d ago


Check out I got tired of low trade ins and have been using that. Sold a bunch of old PS3 games and got Sherlock holmes and Black flag for nothing virtually.

Tru_Blu1436d ago

I'm double dipping on this one also. GTAV was one of the best games of last gen so figured I had to see the next gen version.

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Muzikguy1436d ago

That's a complete spoiler for me. Would be nice to see it firsthand and be like "holy sh!t did you see that?!?!" I really should go and get this game

PurpHerbison1436d ago

Look at the PS4 release as the real release.

Jonny5isalive1436d ago

THis looks awesome, glad I never got it before selling my ps3/360.

I remember using the in the car view in GTA 4 and running over people was awesome too.

oof461436d ago

100 new songs? Jermaine Stewart?!? Take my money, Rockstar!

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TedCruzsTaint1436d ago

It's not terrifying.
It just shows how unrealistic such an event actually is.

No knock on the game, mind you.
That's exactly what it is.

KimoNoir1436d ago Show
Major_Nailson1436d ago

I completely disagree with you.

Jesus christ dude....

sugawalls1436d ago Show
TedCruzsTaint1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

It's a game, guys . . .
The guy flies out of a windshield, and then instantly gets up as if nothing happens.

It's the same thing that we've had since GTA IV . . . just now in first person (oooh!)

Really though, thanks for the unwarranted insults.

TLG19911436d ago Show
TedCruzsTaint1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )


Can you please explain what I even said that annoyed people to such a degree? There seems to be a whole lot of negativity, though nothing in the way of perspective. Really.

sinspirit1436d ago

It's because the point of the gif is the car crash in first person, which is decently realistic and not really done in video games as a common thing. Not the getting up off the ground afterwards. You think you see it for what it is but the truth is you are missing the point.

bauer0071436d ago

You missed the boat completely...

TedCruzsTaint1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Are you guys done playing herp-derp, let's disagree because we're children yet?


Fair enough.
But is that actually horrifying?

And does it warrant sheep-life disliking, even on the follow-up questions regarding why the disagrees are there in the first place. Not to mention the unwarranted name calling.

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NiteX1436d ago

Seems like N4G has no love for Jesus.

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elninels1436d ago

Did you expect the anonymity of the internet to produce more understanding, open minded, empathetic subcultures?

You get what you deserve for speaking your mind and then getting mad when people speak their minds, however tactless they may have been.

And being disappointed with disagrees? You mean you expected everyone to agree with you? Or just not express their opinion on your opinion?

What do you want from us?

rivencleft1436d ago

Working in law enforcement I've seen accidents where the victim flew through the windshield and walked off as if nothing happened. It's usually the shock of the incident that causes the person to act perfectly normal. Though in a game I would hope his health went down a little. True story.

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MasterCornholio1436d ago

We can always make the game so real and have it so your character has to spend months recuperating from their injuries.

Imagine getting hit by a car and spending 5 months in a coma. Doesn't that sound great to have in a game?

The point is that it can't be 100% realistic otherwise the game can be a lot less fun.

Sketchy_Galore1436d ago

Hey, you shut up. Once I finish and release it, 'Recovery from car wreck simulator' will be the most popular game ever made. It will shift Call of Duty numbers, review like The Last of us and the scene in which you need to pee but your bed pan is full and the nurse is nowhere to be seen will be considered the new Train mission from Uncharted 2.

rivencleft1436d ago

But then you wake up from the coma and ZOMBIES! I feel like I've seen this before..

Muzikguy1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Those song additions are sweet!

Exactly! There has to be lines drawn somewhere. If an ultra realistic game was made though, it could be interesting. Obviously not being a GTA

I'm digging that! Hurry up and release it, I want to see what this nurse looks like!!!

Audiggity1436d ago

Valid point, but, outside of sports games - wouldn't that comment apply to just about any video game?

To be fair, an ultra-realistic mode for GTA V would be kind of hilarious. One shot to the leg would have you limping/crawling until you called 911, crashes like that would be instant death/hospital... GTA V w/ Rainbow 6 rules... talk about a challenge.

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paul-p19881436d ago

Pre-ordered mine last night from the PSN Store, TUESDAY Y U NO HERE YET?!?!

BigBosss1436d ago

So let me get this straight guys, this game was not originally a last gen game it was a next gen game but was released on last gen first before it got released for this gen right? So its not really a remaster or anything. Could I be right?

garrettbobbyferguson1436d ago

It's not a remaster. Rather Rockstar knew people would buy the versions on the ps3 and 360 so they didn't announce the PS4/Bone/PC versions so they could squeeze as much money as they could from the sales. Now they're releasing it on the new consoles to try and squeeze out more money. But at least they're adding some new content to make it seem like a different version.

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