The "ZuneBox360" Xbox Handheld Concept Ad

The ZuneBox360 advertisement, shows of the features, e.g. games, music, videos etc. Of course this is only a concept video which was based off the T3 magazine concept.

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PoSTedUP3791d ago

that would be crazy. i wonder what the psp2 is going to be like

RealityCheck3790d ago

Agreed, need 2 thumbsticks. Don't even try to pull all touch screen gaming, that's only ok for casual games.

Xi3790d ago

it has dual analog.

Lew_Ijgee3790d ago

If that thing was real, with that level of technology and being that small, it would cost more than an 80g PS3.

Xi3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

we have the tech. It's a very old idea, server/terminal. It's designed to use something like a g5 broadband where the xbox actually plays the game, and the handheld just acts like a controller with a screen letting you play your xbox anywhere via remote play.

the best part is that it wouldn't require any heavy power usage (long battery life ftw) and would be quite small because all the parts would actually be in the 360.

A couple problems though.
1. you would be stuck playing whatever you left in your console
2. you might experience some lag
3. requires an xbox 360

but the price could actually be quite cheap if you think about it, other than requiring a 360.

christopher64533790d ago

There would be no way that the guide button being put in the middle of the digital pad would be a good idea. Duh.

Rhezin3790d ago

I'd rather have a 360 controller.

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