October 2014 NPD: The Evil Within sets survival-horror record; PS4, Xbox One still on fire

Gamesbeat :

"The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just finished their first 12 months on the market with a strong performance while The Evil Within brought survival horror back from the dead.

Consumers spent $790.7 million on new games, hardware, and accessories in October, according to a new report from industry-intelligence firm The NPD Group. That’s down less than a single percentage point from $791.3 million over the same period in 2013. Once again, the story is that gamers are spending money on new consoles and a whole lot less on new games."

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MightyNoX2411d ago

10 months down,
2 months to go

Abash2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I hope Microsoft wins November at least, lord knows they are spending a fortune to win it. They must be losing a lot of revenue with all the ads, price-cuts, and games they are handing out with bundles, so they should at least get a victory. Congrats to Sony though for winning October

MRMagoo1232411d ago

They will win in the US i suspect but world wide they will lose again. Kinda feel bad for MS, with a price cut free games and halo and they still will lose world wide numbers. I dont think there is anything they can do unless they give the console out for free.

ainTgoTTime2bleed2411d ago

Haven't you heard?..MS next bundle will include $350.00 cash so you can buy another one for your friend/family and help with the

SoapShoes2411d ago

I don't the worst thing in gaming by far is hearing Microsoft's gloating. Greenturd and Major Nelson are annoying as a million horse flies not leaving you alone.

trenso12411d ago

they have to win with all of that and when they do i know the fanboys will try to chalk up victory month, but it really isnt if MS is reaching so far just to sell a console that is barely a year old.

ChrisGTR12411d ago

havent you heard? xbox one bundle includes 400$ in the box so you can buy yourself a ps4 with it :P

chrismichaels042411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

This is why I dont listen to damage control PR spin. The sales charts dont lie. The PS4 continues to prove fanboys speak loud, but gamers wallets speak loudest. Congrats to Sony on another strong month leading into the holiday season.

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TheWatercooler2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

PS4 still crushing the competition. Excellent news. Even with the xbone price cut. It show's yet again that you can't put a price on quality which is why PS4 is dominating.

PS4 is absolutely worth it's price and doesn't need a price cut. It's the superior console on the market.

It's also just as I thought about sunset overdrive. I made a previous comment as to stigma that Xfans only buy fps's and Sunset overdrive could confirm that and would sell poor. It seems it has confirmed it. They have a good exclusive yet haven't rushed out to buy it.

It's the type of game that would fair much better on playstation. They must be regretting the exclusivity to ms

TheNew12411d ago

"It's also just as I thought about sunset overdrive. I made a previous comment as to stigma that Xfans only buy fps's and Sunset overdrive could confirm that and would sell poor. It seems it has confirmed it. They have a good exclusive yet haven't rushed out to buy it."

From the article:
"Microsoft, meanwhile, probably isn’t sure what to think of Sunset Overdrive yet. The Xbox One exclusive open-world action game was on sale for four days in October, but it didn’t crack the top 10. It did come in at No. 9 if you count games by console (meaning only the PS4 version of NBA 2K15 and the Xbox One version of The Evil Within). And of course, none of these sales include the bundled version of Sunset Overdrive that comes with the white Xbox One."

4 days of October
Bundle not included
Price drop took effect in November

Spid3r62411d ago

If you own an XBOX ONE you have to many Games to buy...Its hard to keep up...even with a bigger market for the PS4 Xbox is managing to outsell them in Destiny and COD Advanced warfare...Just look at this past two months alone...HAd to buy Forza Horizon 2 then SUNSET the following week CODAW and now Halo MCC. People that make less money then me cant possibly buy all of this close to each other...SO don feel bad for us we are good. Most of the games will have plenty of legs because of this.

-Foxtrot2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Well MS don't technically own the IP, that was the whole point Insomniac went to MS in the first place

So there is a small chance they could release a "Sunset Overdrive: Fun in the Sun Edition" in the future with all DLC included.

It's kind of what I thought Insomniac's plan was from the beginning, use MS funding to make a game but keep the rights and release it on other platforms in the future for more money.

Don't you think it's abit silly when you think about it

Insomniac wanted to make a game but keep the IP, Sony wanted to keep the IP thus making the game an exclusive something Insomniac didn't want

Insomniac went with MS so they could keep the IP...but THEY STILL MAKE IT AN EXCLUSIVE

I don't get it, it contradicts the whole point they wanted their own IP in the first place and it was obviously so they go go multiplatform with their IP.

captainexplosion2411d ago

Sunset Overdrive will sale well. It is an amazing game with really good word of mouth. It came out late in the month, bundle sales weren't included, and some people held off on picking up a XB1 at the end of the month because of the price drop.

Overall, Oct is a hard month to judge because anybody planning on buying a XB1 over the final week and a half of the month probably decided to hold off until price cut. Plus with Forza coming out the final day of Sep and SSO releasing at the very end of Oct the numbers are going to be skewed. Personally I expect XB1 to win big in Nov and probably Dec too. But I expect PS4 to dominte 2015.

Kribwalker2411d ago

I seriously believe you need to see a psychologist because you have a very very unhealthy obsession with a machine you use to play video games on.... But anyways, the only Price cut came in Nov 2nd, and bundles don't count, nor do digital sales. I personally bought SO, advance warfare and MCC all digitally in the last 3 weeks, so I can play online with my kids on both my xbox's and I'm planning on continually buy digital for that very reason

meatysausage2411d ago

I know your a troll but SO was out for like 3 days...

XanderZane2411d ago

Price cut happened on Nov 2nd and wasn't even part of the October sales. You say I'm the one who's not intelligent. lol!! Actually Sunset Overdrive sold very well. It was 9th on the list for sales in Oct and the limited bundles have been sold out in many place. You should probably do some research before you post misinformed information about things you know absolutely nothing about. This is why you only have one bubble, cause no one wants to read the garbage you post.

Vasto2411d ago

Sunset Overdrive is one of the top selling games since it released. The Sunset Overdrive bundles are selling out on Amazon. What is this guy talking about?

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Afterlife2411d ago

And another 12 months ahead. With games like The Order 1886, Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted 4.

Why o why2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I coulda swore the tides had turned....thats what they keep professing anyhow.....*sigh*

Either way I'm sure it was closer this month than any of the others.

Well done sony i guess

Shout out to vg chartz........./s

XanderZane2411d ago

Let us know when they pass 18 months in a row like the XBox 360 did. Not sure how long the Wii did it. It was also more then a year though.

Cupid_Viper_32411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Let's us know when Microsoft makes console that did 11-12 years in a row dominating sales in every single region (U.S.A included) like the PS2 did. That's over 140 months in row of out selling both the GameCube and the Xbox.

You boys get so selective when it comes to things to gloat about. You guys have this idea that the xbox 360 did something unprecedented. Actually, the only thing unprecedented about it was the failure rate.

So take a chill pill with your "come talk to me"

ShadowWolf7122411d ago

Yeah, not hard to manage an 18-month streak at #1 when your competition is far more expensive and you have a year head start.

That's about 12 of that 18 months right there. So really... wow, only about 6 with same-gen competition.

XanderZane2411d ago

The PS2 didn't dominate for 140 months in a row. It was outsold several times in between those years. Just because it sold the most game consoles ever doesn't mean it outsold the competition every month for 140 months. Provide some valid proof instead of talking out of you $%&. You take a chill pill. The Xbox 360 is the only American game console to break 1 million sold in Japan. No American game console has sold over 1 million units in Japan. I don't think that will ever happen again.

Uumm.. the 18+ months in a row was with the PS3 on retail shelves. lol!! I actually think the Wii outsold both the PS3 and XBox 360 for a longer period of time. Think before you type.

Clarence2411d ago

Let us know when M$ will make a console that doesn't end up in 3rd place.

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Magicite2411d ago

November will be tough, very tough, but if they can win it, then theres nothing to fear ever.

jjonez182411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

My bet:
MS takes November.
Both will pull nice numbers on Black Friday, but the difference will be the first two weeks of November. MS took the proactive route by dropping the price by $50. It will show in the end. Sony does have advertisement in their favor. I'm in the US and I count like 6 different PS4 specific commercials(2x Far Cry, GTA, LBP, Zperia Remote Play, Taco Bell Destiny, Muliplatf commercial). There's also the 399$ GTA+TLOUR, LBP+Lego, Far Cry. PS4 may lose but not by much.

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Majin-vegeta2411d ago

Chuck up another win for the PS4.

AceBlazer132411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

i think it's chalk up. Chuck works still I guess.

Anyway, nice to see PS4 still winning.

-Foxtrot2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Great news for the Evil Within.....suck on that Capcom

Hope he takes the criticism of the Evil Within and improves it for the next game. Hopefully it'll be a new IP.

He should really stick it to Capcom and set his next game in an mansion with a vampire virus

The V-Virus ;)

DarkOcelet2411d ago

Thank you for being the only one who actually talked about TEW instead of PS4 no. Vs Xone no.
And honestly i think this game could be really big , i mean for instance the graphics if this is made on current gen only could look like The Order 1886 with its already crazy chaotic locations, it would be perfect and hopefully a more fleshed out story and no forced encounters.
I hope they make a sequel soon.

NoDucks2411d ago

So no sales figures from either company. Interesting....

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"The results are in, and PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console in the US for October! Thank you!"

In spite of all of the negative publicity and negative articles about DriveClub and PSN, PlayStation 4 still outsold the Xbox One.

That should tell you something.

XanderZane2411d ago

Yes, gamers still buying the PS4 on hype. DriveClub was a complete disaster. I'm curious as to how many units they outsold the XB1 by. It couldn't have been that much.

Svinya2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

It tells me that there are a lot of lemmings out there buying sony systems.

Death2411d ago

"In spite of all of the negative publicity and negative articles about DriveClub and PSN, PlayStation 4 still outsold the Xbox One.

That should tell you something."

It kind of says Playstation owners don't buy consoles for the games doesn't it? If you are an Xbox only gamer, you've been spending the last few months smiling while you play some pretty highly rated exclusives. If you are a Playstation only fan you had the opportunity to re-purchase The last of Us and possibly Drivclub if you paid for it. That really does tell us something.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"Yes, gamers still buying the PS4 on hype."

"It tells me that there are a lot of lemmings out there buying sony systems."

Actually it has more to do with the fact that the Xbox One was designed to be a cable box first and a gaming console second. And with that infamous 2013 E3 reveal, people who play video games finally realized that Microsoft didn't want to make gaming a priority or put gamers first. Even today, people still realize it with Ubisoft's lame parity excuse when they chose to allow the weaker Xbox One to be the lead development platform for that sh*tty AC Unity. You think people are buying the PS4 because of hype? Not really. People are buying the PS4 because they still remember what Microsoft tried to do and what they continue to do up to this present moment. Am I a fanboy? Perhaps. But if I have to choose between two products that play videos game and they both cost $400, why on earth would I choose the product that isn't designed to primarily play video games. I've done alot of stupid things in my life, but i'm definitely not stupid enough to spend $400 on a cable box when I can spend the same $400 on a machine who's primary focus is to delivery the best VIDEO GAME EXPERIENCE possible.

Death2411d ago


And yet here we are one year in and Sony is launching their pay TV service to select regions over an online infarastructure that couldn't handle the launch of Driveclub even after a one year delay. As much as you want to claim the Xbox One was designed to be a cable box, how is it we have seen more and higher rated retail exclusives on the Xbox than the PS4? Seriously, Sony is launching pay TV on their box before releasing Driveclub PS+? I think it's pretty clear which console is focused more on being a cable box.

Ron_Danger2411d ago


Easy bud. Pump the brakes on that DriveClub claim. That was a net code issue not a server issue. There were way more people playing Destiny on PS4 at launch with zero issues so that negates your spin theory on the PSN.

Oh... And since you brought up network stability, how's that multiplayer going on MCC? It's funny how you fanboys say that it's working great even in articles that link to microsoft's own website stating that work is still being done to fix the issue.

ShadowWolf7122411d ago


"And yet here we are one year in and Sony is launching their pay TV service to select regions over an online infarastructure that couldn't handle the launch of Driveclub even after a one year delay."

Driveclub errors are part of that game's netcode and only that game. That's why every other game on PSN is still running fine. You know this, but you still take the shot.

"Seriously, Sony is launching pay TV on their box before releasing Driveclub PS+? I think it's pretty clear which console is focused more on being a cable box."

Yeah. Microsoft. Sony is still making games, games are still their priority. They didn't have to restructure suddenly to try to make gamers their focus. And it took them a full year to even announce a TV service plan that will be rolled out SLOWLY over 2015. You're comparing that to an entire division Xbox had to shut down to re-invest that money into the games Sony was already making.

It's funny, you keep acting like you're calling out fanboys and are some kind of voice of reason... until articles like this hit.

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Kayant2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Not really. Sony has not once given NPD numbers and MS stopped shortly after TF launch iirc. Sad though for this month onwards we won't be getting leaks most-likely :(

DeadlyOreo2411d ago

Don't be silly, if Microsoft win November NPD you can sure as he'll count on them to be shouting from every rooftop.

Kayant2411d ago

I never said they won't get back doing it did I ;)? But Sony if am not mistaken hasn't given numbers since PS3 days. Only MS maybe Nintendo? in terms of hardware.

XanderZane2411d ago

It was a netcode error and a server problem. Why do you think Sony kept bringing down PSN every week? Even with the servers up, people couldn't even connect to it to even get an error. It's pertty obvious the servers couldn't handle the capacity, which is why Sony decided NOT to release the PS+ version of the gme indefinitely. The problem with MCC is a software problem with the matchmaking and there were a few bugs in the game as well. Wasn't a server issue. Once gamers are on the server, the game was playing just fine. The problem is getting on the server to play with others. Microsoft has already patched it once and another patch is coming on Sat. Two patches in less then a week. Took Sony a full week to finally patch and then the patch broke other things and they had to release 2.02 patch. lol!!

Afterlife2411d ago

So yesterdays 10 million Xbox One sold-in (shipped) was all fluff. They were desperate for good pr. They knew PS4 won October.

Another lead for PS4.

majiebeast2411d ago

Its actually soon to reach 10 million it wasn't even 10 million:P

TheNew12411d ago

Of course they knew it won October, but they're focusing on November and December right now.

metatronx2411d ago

So if MS doesn't win Nov and Dec, then they will look forward to next year holiday?

Ron_Danger2411d ago


The common practice is to say "wait till E3"...