Stargate Worlds Video to be Shown at Comic-Con

MGM, Firesky and the US Military have announced that Comic-Con goers will be able to see in-game footage of Stargate Worlds and have their picture taken with a life-size replica of a Stargate. In addition to the life-size Stargate, they will also have the opportunity to meet the developers.

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Diselage3765d ago

Really hope against hope that this game rocks.

Andronicus3765d ago

the series' are/were awesome. a good mmo would be awesome

Lucreto3765d ago

It looks okay but I won't get it just because they cancelled the shooter game on the PS2

Th3 Chr0nic3765d ago

ok it says "MGM, Firesky and the US Military have announced ...."
Someone please tell me what the US Military has to do with a sci fi tv show and game. They are dipicted on the Tv show but they as far as i know it is all fiction so WTF is the military taking any part in all this...... very strange

Th3 Chr0nic3765d ago

I disagree with u Lucreto....maybe they cancelled it cause they wanted to focus more on something that wouldnt turn into just another crap FPS game. yea it would be cool if they made a good Stargate FPS game but they probably had reasons to cancel. i would much rather have a game cancelled than to have it released and be another piece of junk no one wants to even look at. so if u are going to base ur decision to buy or even play a game on something like that then u are going to miss out on a lot in life lol