Metal Gear Solid 4's Rudest Easter Eggs

As if Playboy mags and Naomi's side-boob action weren't enough, Metal Gear Solid 4's easter eggs have more to offer than just hidden Sony product placement and special FaceCamo. GamesRadar's video-filled guide to MGS4's rudest easter eggs will tame those raging hormones in no time.

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geda4737d ago

i'm so trying the rosemary one.

NO_PUDding4737d ago

I still ahven't tried it and I don't know why.

I ahve taken pictures of hundred of camel-toes already, but not wiggled Rosemary's bust.

Altosax314737d ago

I guess I know what crying wolf was really crying about.

Rick Astley4737d ago

LOL @ Rosemary's "funbags".

truncheon4737d ago

a good use for the SIXAXIS


ahhhh, naomi is hot. yes, i know she's in a computer game

killax35634737d ago

naomi looks like a hotter version of Jennifer Connelly (at least how she looked in the Hulk, 2003 version).

Sangria4737d ago

One i love is:

SPOILER >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>
When you have to meet Naomi Hunter at her labs, just before fighting Laughing Octopus. She asks Snake to get naked for analysis. Then he take his suit back and Naomi sit on the bed. Once there, press L1 even if there is no L1 button in the corner.

In the cinematic, a cig falls from Snake's hand, and Snake downs to take it back. And if you press L1, you will know why the cig has fallen !

END OF THE SPOILER >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>

PoSTedUP4737d ago

thanks, ill try that one.

pharmd4737d ago

lol, yeah i thought that was pretty funny when i saw it!!!

Dir_en_grey4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Hold up a Frog and body check her...
She'll be embarrassed and make weird noises when you touch her especially when you grab her "down there". She will kick you afterwards and call you a pervert or something of the sort.

Every Frog says different things and has different voice sets.

This is a video of Snake molesting different Frog members (Sound lags and it's fairly long, but you get the idea):

Dir_en_grey4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

The bonus part at the end of the video with Meryl, she tells Snake to hurry up and flip her over. In Japanese the direct translation of the words to English is "Hurry up and thrust me up".

Which you guessed it, the same sentence in Japanese when said "in bed" basically has the innuendo of "Hurry up and F me hard". She also says "Hurry up, inside me", which is also out of place even when said in Japanese, via translation or not.

Haven't tried this in the US version, dunno if the translated version will be funny in English.

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