Some EA Classics Are Coming To PS Now

EA is bringing over some popular games to PS Now, but does the timing make sense?

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GribbleGrunger2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Can't we at least expect those who choose to become the voice of this industry to know a little about the future prospects of a service? Why on earth would EA want to be cut out of a deal that allowed them to sell and promote their games to Phones, TVs, PCs, Laptops, Pads, Blu-ray players, handhelds and consoles? Has it not sunk in yet what the potential size of the audience for PSNow is, or are we going to labour under the naive notion that it's simply an answer to BC?

BlakeA2257d ago

As I said, I'm for the move, and think it makes sense for both sides. I just question the timing, and I think there is something to be said for the competitive aspect of a practice like this.

AngelicIceDiamond2257d ago

"I just question the timing"

Don't need to. Sony knows what they're doing. EA announced its EA access games and Sony announced PS now EA games to.

EA does buissness with both Sony and MS at the end of the day.

Competition, competition, competition.

AngelicIceDiamond2257d ago

Lol but why. Why? Because EA games aren't exclusive to anyone and PS has large install base.

And yeah EA is third party distributor so of course they'll release games on PS NOW.

nicksetzer12257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Why? Maybe because sony is offering them a way to make money off their IP and has a large player base. Since sony obviously isn't allowing ea access any time soon,why would EA pass up this? Only makes sense if you think businesses run based on personal vendettas rather than bottom line.

Would EA prefer access? Absolutely.
Would EA pass up an income opportunity because they are still sulking about EA access being denied? Hell no.

This is normal business and no surprise at all. The surprise would be if the opposite happened.

DanielGearSolid2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I still dont understand why ppl compare PSNow and EA Access

One offers instant game streaming the other offers Discounts,Free Games, and Early Access

What other services offer discounts, free games, and early access (atleast for betas): PS Plus and XBLG

EA Access has way more in common with those than PSNow. It's borderline identical to PSPlus and XBLG

I feel like it's a redundant service, they could of just put their games on the IGC, or Games with Gold, get their royalties from Sony and not charge ppl an extra $5.00

With that being said, I understand why they would want their own service, more money, and It's still not a bad deal

freshslicepizza2257d ago

to some people its just being able to play games, regardless of having to download or stream them. consumers are always looking for good value and sony sees ea access as a conflict to their own services. which means the consumers dont get to choose themselves.

uth112257d ago

because EA can make money from PS Now

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The story is too old to be commented.