Phil Spencer: Quantum Break "Looks Great;" Rare's New Game Put a Smile on Phil Harrison's Face

Phil Spencer's visit to the UK studios working on Xbox One will end tomorrow morning, and after checking on Playground and Rare the head of Microsoft's Xbox division paid a visit with Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison to Fable Legends developer Lionhead and Remedy Games.

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AngelicIceDiamond3475d ago

"Rare's New Game Put a Smile on Phil Harrison's Face"

Wow and that guys hard to please.

darthv723475d ago

There have been several Rare games that put smiles on my face as well. Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a hidden gem on the original xbox that i'd love to see a sequel to.

Others that Rare made back on the N64 could be remade as well. Jet Force Gemini is a fun game and i think we already have a feeling there will be a Battletoads game at some point.

christocolus3475d ago


I'm so glad Phil harrison and Ken Lobb are overseeing UK studios. Both guys have a good eye for talent and great content. Can't wait to see what these studios have in store for fans also it seems Playground is already working on something new.

Bubiii3475d ago

What else are they going to say...? Quantum Break looks ok-ish and new Rare game is meh...?

slate913475d ago

Well with so much on the line, Im sure phil doesnt want to lie about a game being good

Concertoine3475d ago

I think a lot of people are misunderstanding your comment at first glance haha. Myself included.

Concertoine3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Yeah, he should keep his mouth shut /s

Yoshida does it. Aonuma did it a few days ago with Zelda. People are excited about the games they're making/coming to their platform. Blasphemy, truly.

CrowbaitBob3475d ago

Of course there's also the possibility that Quantum Break looks great and the new Rare game put a smile on Phil Harrison's face.

OOMagnum3475d ago

I have a feeling we're getting two rare ips. A rare made Banjo, and an outsourced Battletoads.

nirwanda3475d ago

Sounds like conkers bad fur day to me.

OOMagnum3475d ago

Thats definately a possibility. That'd be another over the top game,ala, Sunset.

MeliMel3475d ago

Yes, the cameo in Project Spark was the hint it was coming.

christocolus3475d ago


I think the KI devs will handle battletoads while BK will be given to Press play. This new game by rare will be a new and unique ip.

ziggurcat3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

QB looks absolutely amazing. it was one of the reasons i bought my xbone.

MazzingerZ3474d ago

Do you come from the future? How's 2016:-)