I wanna be the very best

GameGrin's Andrew Duncan writes: "I want to be a Pokémon Master. I have done since I was seventeen, when Pokémon Yellow entered my Game Boy Color. Despite enjoying the Pokémon anime series which aired on Sky One, I hadn’t bothered with Red and Blue, though I had tried an emulated fan-translation of Pokémon Green. But there was something about having a Pikachu follow your character’s sprite - something not done in many RPGs even on full consoles. Something rarely done to this day."

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-Foxtrot1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

To catch them is my real test

zeal0us1462d ago

To train them is my cause

Ripsta7th1461d ago

I will travel across the land...

jakmckratos1461d ago

Each Pokemon to understand the power that's insiiiiiiide

paul-p19881461d ago

Pokémon, gotta catch them aaalllllll

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JohnathanACE1461d ago

I will travel across the land searching far and wide...

Majin-vegeta1461d ago

Each Pokemon to understand The power that's inside

user55757081461d ago

Go Go Power Rangers! You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!