Sakura Spirit Review (PC) | Anime Courtyard

Pedro writes "Sakura Spirit is a very short Visual Novel with a fantasy-like feudal Japan setting. The plot centers around Takahiro, a normal teen from modern-Japan who is magically cast into a world that contains cute kemonomimi girls"

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Visual Novel Spotlight: Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels

"Sakura Spirit, the short adult-oriented visual novel from Winged Cloud, was the game to signal the coming of what some may call the Steam Pornocalypse. For this game and its shiny assets caused a stir about just how or why visual novels were selling on Steam. And with the short game starting a whole series of similar titles, you have to wonder what it’s all about." - Rice Digital

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Sakura Spirit Review | PixelPerfectGaming

Sakura Spirit is a mature, entertaining visual novel that is available on the Steam Network. Just in case you are not familiar with visual novels: they can be very similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure, allowing the player to make decisions that will affect the story. Not all visual novels carry a mature rating, but Sakura Spirit is the exception. Even though it has a mature rating, it’s mostly due to the explicit sexual dialog and nothing to do with full frontal nudity.

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STR CAST EP24: The Game That Shall Not Be Named

In this Forbidden Episode, The Nerds Discuss: Metro Redux, Science Girls, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout and Moe’s Japanese Sex Game Pick of The Month.

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Brian Acebedo, Samson Lancaster, Emory D. Williams.
Music: n8bit

Poster Design: Eddie Vargas / Samson Lancaster

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