Of course the Xbox 360 outsells the Playstation 3 and Wii

Online news reports are claiming that the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 and the Wii. Well, of course they are! It's the only next-gen console that is actually on sale, the other two are only available for as long as the next shipment lasts, with no reprieve for the vast majority of users that want one until 2007.

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power of Green 5959d ago

Just wait untill all the Sony fanboys get thier PS3's and the Wii becomes as fun as the "GLOVE" or the "POWER PAD" or "ROB", OK i'll stop.

Maddens Raiders5959d ago (Edited 5959d ago )

.... -- "But this is hardly the final outcome. Next year will see millions more PS3’s and Wii’s available worldwide, with the best time to really look at the figures to see how consoles have been selling being the middle of 2007 and after the Christmas shopping season of 2007 is over.
Nevertheless, people want statistics and figures now, and they seem to be forthcoming." -- .....

....IMHO the story ended there. Everything else is is known already --just fluff for the Monday morning ed.. It's just regurgitated over and over. Give me something new. You know what I mean?

BTW - Blast Factor looks tight, feels good - (a little old, but still kicks a$$) despite the bad reviews. ...And yeah p.o.g.II, I've been playing my friend's wii and his 7 yr. old kid whupped my a$$ in bowling!(and I was going all out) - pathetic. I felt like an idiot, but should've just flicked the stick in the air like he did - a strike everytime. The batting felt a little akward in baseball, and tennis was fun as hell, but I was a little wore out from all that s#it. It's fun. Party fun. And yeah I'd still rather play table tennis on 360 than wii sports tennis, because there's more of a challenge than controlling that crazy tennis ball that has a way of finding itself out of bounds; overwhelmingly more often than not. Would I wanna play it everyday - no. Will the wii go the way of ROB? Maybe, but not before a long drug out fight. *warning rehashed news:
To make matters worse I had Resistance going on a WEGA next to his Zelda TP on the old Phillips and err there was no comparison in graphics. All I can say is that Ninty fans are mighty forgiving. Don't get me wrong Zelda is Epic, but those graphics simply aren't up to par with today's gamers if you ask me. And that might make me a little upset that the graphics of my beloved system aren't up to snuff with the "other guys". But, the Ninty fans will decide that for us. We'll just have to wait and see.

combatant5959d ago

The 360 still has a chance to outsell the wii and PS3 next holiday. consider that halo 3 will be releasing in november. microsoft controlled the first holiday season being all alone. it controlled the second with gears of war, and pretty much being all alone. but i think the 360 will even control holiday 2007 because of halo 3.

NextGen24Gamer5959d ago (Edited 5959d ago )

Said a few months ago that the ps3 would outsell the 360 this christmas. ha ha ha ha ha...Remember when they said that the 360 sales would cease come the Ps3 launch. ha ha ha ha....I just love how things have came back and hit them sony rabid fans in the face. Reality check time. The 360 is now selling at a faster rate since the launch of the ps3. Selling out in stores and production is in full stride. They live in eternal denial when it comes to the 360. 10 million here we come. Gears of War will be the biggest selling next gen title till Halo 3 comes out. Thanks Microsoft. Keep up the Fantastic Work.

Tut5959d ago

Not to be a prick and piss in your cereal, but stores are not selling out of 360's. I am glad you can make stories up but I have to ask... do you really believe yourself? Grats if you do.

If you walked into any store that carries consoles in my entire town you would see three things, or rather only one:

- No Playstation 3's, just empty boxes. (That means they sold out)

- No Nintendo Wii's, just empty boxes. (That means they sold out)

- Every possible rack to hold 360's full, including the floor space around it. (That means it didn't sell out)

I don't know who you are trying to kid, maybe just yourself, but I have not seen any stores sell out of 360's since its launch. If you want I will take some pictures of the stock in every gaming store in my area with me holding a sign or something and post them.

I am not denying the 360 is still selling at any rate (it's the holidays, big whoop), but to make up a ridiculous fantasy and repeat it until you believe it is just ignorant. That is something addicts do (mainly meth addicts).

DJ5959d ago

I don't recall any of us saying that. I do remember saying that the Wii would probably outsell its rivals this holiday season due to PS3 shortages, and that 360 sales had fallen like a rock. Despite launching worldwide, it only sold 7 million units within a year. The PS2 was able to sell that many within its first year in America. And that's just one territory.

"The 360 is now selling at a faster rate since the launch of the ps3. Selling out in stores and production is in full stride. They live in eternal denial when it comes to the 360. 10 million here we come."

Actually, it started selling at a faster rate once Gears came out, which is understandable since it's the system's first exclusive killer-app. I still remember when Microsoft (and Bill Gates specifically) announced that they would sell 10 million 360s before its competitors ever launched. That means they're nearly 3 million units behind schedule.

I don't feel like predicting the holidays too much because seriously, anything can happen. I just have a hunch.

MicroGamer5959d ago (Edited 5959d ago )

If you have 8 PS3's in your store and 100 360's, of course you're going to sell out of PS3's, but for the 8 PS3's that got sold out, how many of the 100 360's got sold to disappointed buyers who couldn't get PS3??? A lot more than 8, that is for sure. The reason the stores have so many 360's instock is not because they aren't selling them. They stocked up in advance of PS3/Wii launch so they would have something to sell those that waited in line and were disappointed. The Best Buys and Circuit City's of the world are doing more to increase 360 sales than anyone. How can Sony hope to win when Microsoft has such a huge sales force in the field converting YOUR FANBOYS to 360???

Maddens Raiders5959d ago (Edited 5959d ago )

top gamer. I thought you were gonna step out there and say something creative & noteworththy; maybe something against the MSFT party line. Damn! Was I wrong. Are you Bill Gates son? C'mon tell the truth. Really, you need to save some chum for the rest of the MS assassins. As far as the people you mentioned predicting that the

-- "360 sales would cease come the Ps3 launch." --

...that's purely laughable and shouldn't in any way shape, fashion or form, have Ever been taken seriously. Gamer, I understand your glee with MSFT's initial sales figures through fy 2006, but you're neglecting the absolute fact that MSFT has only eaten a mere 5% into SCEA's overall mkt.s. and the slim shady PS2 is still killing the streets, big tyme. So...I dunno man, I like your stats, but it'll be a while before you or anyone else can legitimately call "next-gen" scoreboard. And stop voting for yourself man. Show some class.

Islandkiwi5959d ago

Yes, the 360 is readily available on shelves and the other two consoles aren't. But it should still be noted that the 360 continues to sell...I think it's unfair to say "of course it's selling more!" without an understanding as to why it's selling.

Let's face it, if the 360 was a crappy console it wouldn't be selling. The fact is that the 360 is a very good console, with the best online service and a solid library of games.

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