Things I Did While Waiting for Halo Master Chief Collection To Install

It takes a few hours for the game to get going, and share the frustration of the wait.

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Insomnia_841801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

A few hours? Seriously? 15GB patch?

Make a sandwich....or 100.

And to think last gen MGS4 had so much crap for an 8 minute install.

Bennibop1801d ago

It took three and half hours to download so I could play online, even the I have still not to play online as match making is broken. Game is really buggy has some frame rate issue the disc is not loading every time especially if I have been running tv. At the moment feel I have wsted my money! This for me has been as bad as bf4 and driveclub launch.

BX811801d ago

Took me 2hrs. A bit anticlimactic for a midnight release. I went to bed and when I got up servers are down. Ive only been able to get into 4 games total since release.

Askanison41801d ago

To be fair, you can start playing Halo CE pretty quickly and go from there. As part of the update, the game is patched and that's why you can't play online till it's done. But if you're waiting you can start playing single player pretty much straight away.

svoulis1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It took me about 3.5-4 hours to install the game and 15gb update :\ no idea why it took that long to install off the disc or why it took that long in general.

It happened with Advanced Warfare too from the disc it took about 2 hours to install and from the download (my brother has the disc I have the download) it took about 6 hours.

This is exactly why I do not want to have to delete games/reinstall them when I run out of space.. I have the Advanced Warfare 1TB console so hope it last for a while, after that gonna grab a 2TB external drive.

GodGinrai1801d ago

I have the 1TB AW edition too, along with a 3TB. I wont need to delete anything. Ever. I can still add a second even bigger HDD when I max out the 1tb internal and the 3TB attached drive. But i dont think that will be needed, anytime soon.

SoulMikeY1801d ago

i could have installed the game 40 times in the amount of time it took to find a match... Oh wait, I still haven't gotten one.

Vermigs1801d ago

I would kill to have had it done in 4 hours. Mine took a little less than 2 days to install the patch. I mostly blame my ISP for that though.

Pro Tip: Avoid Frontier like the plague for your ISP.

Noba1801d ago

It's probably because sometimes when you're connected to the internet, even if you have the disc, Xbox tries to download it from the internet. All you have to do is turn off your wifi or take out your ethernet cable and then install.

N4GDgAPc1801d ago

It was weird I got the unity bundle and that took around 8 hrs to download. Slow as hell. Was thinking it would be fast because how great I hear xbox live was. Ps4 would finish that 3/4 and even maybe less the time. But I got Halo and installed it and downloaded the 15gb patch about 30-40min. That's pretty fast. Guess it was due to xbox live having issues.

svoulis1801d ago

I assumed that being the case I figured maybe everyone was congesting the servers and what not but its not always the case. For example I got the Advanced Warfare bundle the day before Halo came out and installed Advanced Warfare and it took so 6 or so hours. I doubt that it was a congestion issue since the game was out for a good week before I installed it.

I have 85 down and 45 upload so I dunno what it could be.

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GodGinrai1801d ago

I made a few beats and ordered a pizza.

Beast1041801d ago

Got a six pack of mountain dew and a pizza and done:)

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The story is too old to be commented.