VGChartz: US Weekly, 8th November 2014

US Hardware Numbers

XOne - 286,389 (+214%) 4,015,395
PS4 - 140,842 (+61%) 5,025,084
3DS - 55,043 (+8%) 13,141,935
X360 - 38,035 (+69%) 43,737,520
WiiU - 35,337 (+27%) 2,975,824
PS3 - 16,490 (+39%) 26,352,285
Wii - 5,683 (+25%) 41,604,914
PSV - 4,008 (+5%) 1,864,044

Top 5 Software

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 1,293,397 (XOne)
2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 1,249,181 (PS4)
3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 765,471 (XB360)
4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 390,788 (PS3)
5. Super Smash Bros. - 63,991 (3DS)

Global Hardware Numbers: NA - EU - JP - Weekly Total
PS4 - 154,331 - 192,037 - 9,828 - 434,849
XOne - 297,712 - 64,716 - 665 - 415,435
3DS - 60,054 - 68,590 - 73,988 - 218,197
WiiU - 39,012 - 24,566 - 4,309 - 73,265
PS3 - 18,460 - 33,048 - 4,451 - 69,639
X360 - 42,427 - 15,929 - 106 - 67,384
PSV - 4,218 - 9,024 - 10,192 - 27,551
Wii - 6,196 - 6,802 - 59 - 14,689

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wotta3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Never sure how much to believe these numbers, but that's pretty good for MS if true. I would expect this to hold for the two weeks it has so far. Will it be different next week? (Is that Black Friday?)

It'll be interesting to know if MS can keep this up for the whole of November. At the moment PS4 is, what a million ahead in the US? If that's the case then I'm guessing a lot of people will go with PS4 as their friends have them. GTA and Far Cry 4 could also play a factor if Sony are pushing them.

MS has it's exclusives out there now, so those wont effect Xbox sales as much as people are bound to look to the upcoming releases. Will it return to PS4 being the top seller or will the Xbox price cut until January see it through? I really don't know, will be interesting to find out though.

FITgamer3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Not sure why, but they adjusted XB1 last week numbers up 17k,above PS4. This weeks XB1 numbers should be just under 220k. They'll probably adjust them again in a couple of hours like usual.

VforVideogames3245d ago

So no XBOX is on top and they're numbers are wrong? ok.

FITgamer3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

@V Xbox should still be on top, but these numbers are inflated. I'd be surprised if they don't adjust them down. They do it almost every week. Also considering NPD is today, there will definitely be adjustments.

madmonkey013245d ago

some people tell you the numbers are wrong regardless who comes out on top

darthv723245d ago

@fit... inflated is the wrong word. The right one to use is "upscaled".

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madmonkey013245d ago

they are always wrong its just a guy guessing his numbers, i could do the same thing.

360ICE3245d ago

They're extrapolating data from retail and consumer polls, and no you couldn't. Some offense.

u4one3245d ago

Ok. So every 2 weeks we'll look to you too see what your numbers are and see how close you are are

madmonkey013245d ago

"They're extrapolating data from retail and consumer polls,"

which at the end of the day gives them little more than a guess at the numbers. consumer polls and the few retailers they may get data from do not give the full picture.

they usually correct their numbers to match up genuine numbers released.

even if i did provide estimates for two weeks for you to see how close they are, what would you be checking them against? as you do not get real numbers from anyone. any one of us here could guess numbers in the same way the young man that made this site did, was found out to be just guessing on every forum he used to post them on before he set up VG chartz.

360ICE3245d ago

If so, a very educated guess.

It's a guess in the same way pollsters "guess" who's going to win an upcoming election. It's an approximation. It won't be 100% accurate and there's a margin of error, which, if you look at the VGChartz numbers, is really not that high.

Spotie3245d ago

Not seeing the education in their guesses, especially since we can see the bias regularly.

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TheWatercooler3245d ago

They are obviously bull numbers. Just like when they overtracked xbone by a whopping 100,000 untis in april.

jrshankill3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

and you are obviously a troll. Your point?

Don't make a fool of yourself. It is very easy to go back to other VGChartz threads and view your comments when PS4 had better weeks.

Link2DaFutcha3245d ago

Personally I think the One's are selling more because Xbox is generally more popular for shooters, like COD: AW & Halo MCE. I'd expect this trend to continue through the holidays with both selling like hotcakes. Now if we could just get devs to test their games before release we can all be happy campers. Canceling my Far Cry 4 pre-order and waiting on reviews before getting it. I suggest everybody does the same. F Scooby Doobysoft

GordonKnight3245d ago

They really need to start testing games. It's disappointing to get MCC and no multi player available. Thank God Mart Kart 8 got the new DLC today.I'm still getting Far Cry 4 Day one though.

MRMagoo1233245d ago

Well all we can see from these numbers is PS4 still increased the sales gap and MS sold better in the US with a price cut, free games and a halo game. I dont think MS would be impressed that it took all that and still go outsold worldwide.

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ABizzel13245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

US Overview

XOne: It seems all the promotions, the COD, ACU, and SO bundles, the anticipation for Halo: MCC, and the $50 price cut were the right thing to do in the US, because sales have more than tripled like MS said, so congrats to them. MS is doing everything they can to make sure the US market stays Team Xbox, and we'll see if by the end of they year will the PS4's 1 million console lead will last.

On a side note, I'd like to point out that once again I was the main person saying they have do the price cut to $329 - $349, because they would never outsell the PS4 consistently being the same price, yet I got tons of disagrees, now watch as the fanboys come out of the woodwork in support of this decision.

PS4: Still holding strong, but they're going to need a promotion of their own to fend off the XBO this holiday.

3DS: It's weird how there's such a big drop off, in sales. The US is now PS4 vs. XBO battleground and everything else is just there. The 3DS is still doing good, and Pokemon will make it's sales skyrocket just like the XBO, but it's weird seeing it this low in comparison to the XBO and PS4.

X360 - Still trucking along, and goes to show that the US fanbase still has a lot of Xbox love going for them, they were just waiting for a much better price ($350 vs. $500), and thankfully for MS they answered, before they were forced to choose.

WiiU - Sales have dropped, but Smash should pick them back up over the holidays, and a price drop MUST come after that. The Wii U isn't going to have a huge user base in the states, but it can still be a strong one, if they try.

PS3 - Tugging along.

Wii - Pretty much done.

PSV - Finished. Which is sad.

Overall WW sales

As I've been saying for the longest that complete EU dominance is the reason the PS4 has won this generation, and there's nothing MS (their only real competition) can really do to stop them. Sales have literally tripled for XBO in NA, but Sony's dominance in EU and the modest boost from JP will cancel out nearly every weekly sales win the XBO gets in the US, and almost always give Sony the win. By 2020 (IMO the end of this gen) I see PS4 and XBO being neck and neck in the US with over 40 million consoles sold, but then you go to EU and the PS4 will be the only console with 40 million sold, with the XBO being somewhere in the 20 million range. There's nothing they can really do to stop the PS4.

As for MS it's the push they've been wanting and looking for all year long with all the bundles and promotions they've tried. As I've said from the get go, one of the biggest selling points for the 360 was the fact it was always cheaper than the PS3 (usually $100 less and at most $300 less). Whenever they were the same price the PS3 sold in parity in the US with the 360 and had a large lead around the world. So when both the XBO and PS4 were the same price and the PS4 had all the other advantages the 360 had last gen like better multiplats, and mass appeal the XBO was never going to win anything costing more or the same price. The XBO also knocked another 300k off the Wii U's sales lead, and there's a good chance that by 2015 the XBO will have passed the Wii U, which again is exactly why I said Nintendo should have dropped price first, and launched Smash on Wii U first if they wanted to keep 2nd place for another year.

COD: AW taking 1 - 4 doesn't surprise me at all, but what does is that the PS4 and XBO have such a big lead over the PS3 and 360. Next year it's time to make everyone upgrade so we can move on into the current-gen full force. The 360 will be 10 years old, and it's time to say goodbye.

Christopher3245d ago

Do you think MS is losing a pretty penny with each sale in November? Or do you think they're actually making a profit on these bundle deals?

Concertoine3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I think there's a loss, but a small one. The Kinect 2.0 was probably a huge factor in the 500 dollar price tag, i wouldnt be surprised if its manufacture cost exceeded the $100 price it took with its discontinuation. The Xbone's parts are cheaper than the PS4 but i think the overrall design (size, power brick, etc) are putting them both around the same manufacturing cost.

In the long run, this is a good idea for MS.

dantesparda3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Well these are the numbers at the beginning for the X1 and PS4
I know Sony announced that they are making a profit on every system sold some months back and its estimated that it only costs MS $50 now for their APU and that's before the switch to 20nm. But we don't have Sony's lasts costs. So really we don't know. And anything else would just be speculation. I would assume that both go down at the same time, since they are both almost the same APU from the same company.

ABizzel13245d ago


I think they're taking a small loss on each console sold, with the hope of making it back up via XBL subscriptions, and software sales.

I'd guess they're taking around a $50 loss per console (including manufacturing / shipping fees). One XBL subscription basically covers the loss, and more than likely that gamer is going to continue to the subscription and buy games which make up for the initial loss. They're taking a small loss now, to prevent complete sales domination for PS4, and give their next console a fighting chance.

Christopher3245d ago

@ABizzel1: I appreciate the response.

Regarding making up loss, I'm not sure XBL would do that. I do not believe that much of that is at all profit now since it does cover ongoing OS/network costs as well as other features. Essentially the monthly updates MS has been putting out is covered by the $50 XBL subscriptions, and not even every owner has one of those.

I think they plan to make up the losses by the games people buy as well as any digital content they purchase. I'd say they are hoping someone buys at least 5 full games or content of similar value.

I think they might sell 2 million in the next two months, so that's $100m of possible loss there if it is ~$50 per console. I guess that would be an okay figure to give up considering they would be cutting their typical profit for this time of the year by only 1/3 in order to greatly increase their market share.

tinynuggins3245d ago

I remember a report a while back stating that the kinect 2.0 cost almost as much as the xbox1 so i'm wondering if they're still making a profit on the stand alone units.

Death3245d ago

If they are losing money, it hasn't shown on their financials yet. People were saying Microsoft would lose money when they cut Kinect and lowered the price to $399. Their financials show almost 1 billion in profit in the division. It's hard to say how a $50 price cut will impact Microsoft's profit margin. Revenue is obviously going up, but the cost of revenue increased depending on how much manufacturing costs have come down. If I had to guess I would say Microsoft will adjust overhead to show the same amount in profit, but will have a substantial increase in revenue. It's not costing them anything, they are simply making less on each dollar in revenue.

Christopher3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

***Their financials show almost 1 billion in profit in the division. ***

That's the beauty of the "division." It doesn't just include XBO but 360 and other entertainment gains (such as any app sales from the Win8 store).

By your logic, the PS Vita is doing perfectly fine. The Playstation division is showing great improvements this year compared to last. It has even been one of the very few divisions to see a gain in profit as opposed to a loss from previous years.

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DarthZoolu3245d ago

You were the main one? Lol who are you?

Silly Mammo3245d ago

Well, good thing MS listened to him!

ABizzel13245d ago


Obviously one of the few people here with any kind of business intelligence / experience.

@Silly Mammo

It was for the best, or else they would have been in more trouble the longer they waited. Nintendo should have did it too, but they wanted to get all the money they could from Smash, but now they've just hurt their hardware sales potential for the holidays, and have to wait until next year to recoup, because a holiday price drop is more beneficial than a beginning of the year drop.

QuickdrawMcgraw3245d ago

As has been stated many times.....The Xbox is and always will be just a North American niche product....and there is nothing wrong with that...

Christopher3245d ago

I don't think 'niche' is the right word for North America. It's more of a niche product outside of North America and the UK. It's a stable and common product in those areas.

Just wanted to specifically state that since the way you phrased it made it seem like it is a niche product everywhere, including America.