VirginMedia reviews MGS4 (5/5)

Metal Gear Solid is a big deal for a lot of people. Cinematic gaming probably wouldn't be where it is today if Hideo Kojima and his team hadn't brought us the original PlayStation game and for many the series stands way ahead of the pack. It's been far from a smooth ride though. Awkward controls and a convoluted, often overacted story made the PlayStation 2 games an acquired taste. The question looming over the head of MGS4, then, isn't if it'll please hardcore fans (it unquestionably does) but if Kojima has seen where the series needed improving. The fact that this is the single best PS3 exclusive released to date should answer that question for you.

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Rikitatsu4739d ago

why N4G's meta score won't change ?

juuken4739d ago

More like a freakin' 9.9! :o

resistance1004739d ago

Because every now and then an 8 or 9/10 review will come in and this brings the average down, so it can't quite reach 9.7/10

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