Crysis Warhead Teaser Trailer

Crysis Warhead (PC) What to look forward to.

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castags4743d ago

that looks like crysis!!! /sarcasm

Really though, from what I've read they optimized their engine to make it run a lot better and somewhere down the road they will impliment into the first one with a patch. Do i wait for the patch or pirate, i mean buy the new one?...By the way I wasn't one of the millions that DID pirate the first one. I bought mine cause i'd hurt someone if they stole my work.

ps360s4743d ago

Man more people needs to play Crysis!

It's a good game and I can't wait to get Warhead.

TheIneffableBob4743d ago

This looks pretty awesome.

It's like Crysis ramped up to 11.

Old Snake4743d ago

Well I am sure it would be awesome...if my system could run it.

TheIneffableBob4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The interview in PC Gamer magazine said that a system equipped with an 8600 GT was able to play Crysis Warhead on "High" at a "silky smooth frame rate" (probably a stable 30 FPS). An 8800 GT can be found for around $100 nowadays, so if you have one of those you should be able to play the game on "High" at a pretty high FPS, if what PC Gamer magazine says is true.

TABSF4743d ago

crysis was amazing and i think this alternative story is a great idea so its good, better than waiting 2 or 3 years for sequel and since crytek have three development studios i bet we will see the sequel about 1 year after warhead release

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