Looking for a Hot Shots demo? Today's the day

Well, for all of you that so patiently waited for the Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Demo, this one goes out to you: as of today, Thursday, June 26, 2008, all North American users can now download the HSG:OOB Demo from the PSN store!

The demo is quick in-depth sample of the Hot Shots Golf experience. You'll be able to start off with beginner character Jasmine, perfect the new advanced swing system and graduate onto intermediate player Felipe. If you've got a friend about, just jump into the offline multiplayer option (max 2 players) and hit the links.

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wolfehound224739d ago

I thought this was already on the store. Then again maybe it's the EU store I was thinking of.

ATLRoAcH4739d ago

They're just now going to put it on the US store.