Dungeon Hunt Gold Now Available for Atari 8-Bit Computers

Carl Williams writes, "First person role playing games are something that is close to my heart. While others were enjoying games like Ultima I was rocking out to Wizardry and Alternate Reality. When my friends were enjoying stuff like Zelda III: A Link to the Past I was enjoying the Dungeon Master and Arcana (though I was quite capable of enjoying Zelda III, I wasn’t stupid). Give me a multi-level dungeon crawler played in the first person, preferably with one player character, and I am good for many weekends. It may be time to fire up the Atari computer emulator because there is a new dungeon crawler named Dungeon Hunt that has just received a Gold edition release."

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theXtReMe13060d ago

I absolutely love that people are still programming these great computers and classic consoles to this day. I used to love coding for the Commodore Vic 20 and 64. Awesome stuff! Keep up the great work.

triverse3060d ago

Thanks, theXtReMe1, for the vote of confidence there. I am an old school gamer that had a Commodore 64 before I had a NES and loved it. I am working on refocusing our efforts at RGM towards more of this stuff and less Kickstarter "pixel/retro" looking games (there are already plenty of sites writing about those games anyhow).